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Harrison is editor of San Diego Jewish World.  He may be contacted via donald.harrison@sdjewishworld.com

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Sampling Israel’s Ethnic Groups and Restaurants

Author Ethan Michaeli is an American journalist with a knack for schmoozing with people wherever he goes. While he lives in Chicago, his older brother and parents live in Israel. He travels frequently to Israel to...

Enrique Morones: U.S. Must Be More Welcoming to Migrants

Migrant  rights advocate Enrique Morones told a Tifereth Israel Synagogue audience that the United States should adopt an immigration policy that is more coherent and more humane. Morones, founding president of Gente Unida (People United), said approximately...

Memoir Relates How 2 Young Sisters- One Deaf, One Hearing – Survived the Holocaust...

This joint memoir, intended for students in grades 3 through 7, tells the story of two young sisters — one hearing and one deaf — who survived World War II notwithstanding their transport as...

An Entire Book in 12 Words

Can you imagine an entire book in 12 words, not including the title? That last sentence took one more word than that. Yet a 12-word book was the successful collaboration of  author Tammar Stein and artist...

The Polish Spy Who Reported on Auschwitz from the Inside

Witold Pilecki, a member of the Polish resistance, learned of a new camp established by the German Nazis in the Polish city of Oswiecim, toward what end no one knew yet.  He volunteered to...

Humorous Stories for the December Holidays

This is a collection of 20 short stories about the upcoming December holidays.  Three of the stories have distinctly Jewish angles, whereas others either are Christmas oriented or so general they might be told...

Refugee from Hitler Promoted Zionism in Britain and U.S.

This memoir combines journal entries of Zionist fundraiser Irma Ehrlich with the research and narrative of her granddaughter, Catherine Ehrlich, to tell the story of a strong-willed woman who migrated to England, and later...

‘Nevergreen’: A Satiric Commentary on Contemporary College ‘Values’

Following a chance meeting aboard an airplane, a doctor simply identified as “J.” is invited to give a lecture at Nevergreen College, which was built on an island that formerly housed an insane asylum. ...

Young Adult Novel Deals With Miscegenation, Dysgraphia, Antisemitism

This is a story for Young Adults set in the turbulent 1960s, shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down anti-miscegenation laws in 16 states via its decision in Loving v. Virginia. Leah, a recent...

Biography Tells of Hiding in a ‘High Nest’ from the Nazis

This is a biography of two Dutch Jewish sisters who survived much of World War II living under assumed identities in a country villa located on a high knoll in the middle of the...