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Jonathan S. Tobin is editor in chief of JNS. Follow him on Twitter at: @jonathans_tobin.

A gag about Israel and vaccines is more than a bad joke

A comedian telling a bad joke that hurts someone’s feelings isn’t news. Or at least it didn’t use to be. But when the bad joke validates a lie that is fueling the latest anti-Semitic...
U.S. President Joe Biden salutes as he disembarks Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, Md., prior to boarding Air Force One to begin his flight to New Castle County Airport in New Castle, Del., on Feb. 5, 2021. Credit: Official White House Photo by Carlos Fyfe.

Can Biden’s zeal to deal work better than ‘maximum pressure’?

If, as a New York Times headline noted, Israel’s reaction to the news that the United States is ready to start talking with Iran was “muted,” there was good reason for the low-key reaction. U.S. Secretary of...
Supporters of President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol, where hundreds smashed windows and broke into the building while protesting the results of the November elections, Jan. 6, 2021. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Does America need a domestic war on terror?

When President Joe Biden called “white supremacists … the most dangerous people in America … the greatest threat to terror in America, domestic terror” at a CNN town hall broadcast in Milwaukee this week, he was speaking...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates newly inaugurated U.S. President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021. Source: Screenshot.

The issue is Biden not wanting to help Bibi, not a phone conversation

Most of those debating when President Joe Biden is going to finally pick up the phone and call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are either overestimating or underestimating the significance of this kerfuffle. The...
Nine Hollywood men charged with contempt of Congress give themselves up to the U.S. marshal on Dec. 10, 1947. From right: Ring Lardner Jr., John Howard Lawson, Alvah Bessie, Albert Maltz, Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole, Samuel Ornitz, Edward Dmytryk and Robert Adrian Scott.

The Hollywood blacklist is back, and Jewish liberals are fine with it

One of the staples of the Los Angeles entertainment world in the last few decades has been stories that depict the unfairness and cruelty of the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s. At the height...
A Palestinian boy holds a poster in support of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Tubas on Sept. 27, 2020. Photo by Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90.

Will a Palestinian election matter?

This once would have been the sort of gesture that would have inspired hope for peace in the Middle East, as well as gestures of support and friendship from the U.S. government. But no...
Supporters of President Donald J. Trump demonstrate during Veterans Day Parade's opening ceremony at Madison Square Park in 2019. Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock.

Can faith help us stop hating our neighbors?

Just how sick is America in 2021? Los Angeles Times columnist Virginia Heffernan provided the country with an answer that has provoked scorn for the writer. Heffernan’s column “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?” went...

Don’t think a ‘reality czar’ would spare Israel and the Jews

It’s easy to scoff at some of the latest ideas being floated in some prestigious quarters for new limits on freedom of expression. But at a time when Big Tech companies are flexing their...
View of the Jewish city of Ariel, in Samaria, on July 2, 2020. Photo by Sraya Diamant/Flash90

West Bank facts on the ground cannot be ignored

Palestinian and American officials had on Monday their first formal public contact since 2017. The Palestinian Authority refused to speak to the Trump administration for years because of anger over the moving of the...
Palestinians hold photo printouts during a rally in support of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Tubas on Sept. 27, 2020. Photo by Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90.

Why Biden’s concessions to the Palestinians hurt, rather than help them

The Biden administration’s first Middle East decisions make clear what was always obvious about the new president’s intentions: the foreign-policy establishment is back in charge in Washington. That’s led to a flurry of moves...