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Trieger is a freelance writer who specializes in coverage of the arts.  She may be contacted via eva.trieger@sdjewishworld.com

‘Artists for Good’ Donate Works to Aid Non-Profits

What if immersing yourself in art could create ripples that would beautify someone else’s world?  Imagine simply indulging your inner aesthete and at the same time providing aid and support to a worthy charity....
Harald Bischoff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

‘Becoming Dr. Ruth:’ A Passion for Purpose, Action, and All Things Jewish

Hummingbird-like, Tovah Feldshuh inhabited Dr. Ruth Westheimer as she flitted around the stage, all the while, espousing optimism, warmth, and humor. The actress incredibly mastered the German-Swiss-French-Hebrew-English accent with nary a dropped rolling R,...
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thebakkenmuseum/9510068567/in/photolist-funA4r-fuBWT3-fuBVpj-fuBYzU-funGmH-fuBX2W-funB6a-fuBTaC-fuBUff-fuC3fN-funzY4-fuBZMb-fuBSvN-funGYa-fuBS5y-funAox-funzap-funGQX-fuC3o7-funDdv-funn3k-funkFg-fuBE9G-funkYD-fuBD29-funkyT-funmzi-funm5p-fuBDQf-fuBCRd-funkQR-fuBDFj-funkLF-funkCv-funm24-fuBDs9-fuBDMA-funmbg-funmU4-funGqc-funHR6-fuBVZ7-funGzk-funHGx-fuBWKu-funB9k-fuC1sh-fuBSjG-funAS6-funzDa

‘What We Found’ Explores Mixed Racial, Religious Heritages

Learning about one’s identity may be a traumatic and profound event. When we discover that a trusted person, such as a parent, has withheld critical information, that revelation is all the more upsetting and...

Acceptance of Differences Is Theme of Children’s Book

Out of the mouths of….. seven-year-olds comes the impetus for Craig Pomranz’s new children’s book, Made by Raffi. This is Pomranz’s first foray into publishing, but the singer/actor/dancer is no stranger to the limelight. The grandson of...

Tovah Feldshuh’s True-Life Role as a Daughter

Lilyville: Mother, Daughter, and Other Roles I’ve Played  by Tovah Feldshuh; Hatchette Books; 2021; ISBN:9780306-924026; $29. It’s hard to believe that Lilyville is a first book given its accessibility and universal appeal. This memoir of four-time Tony,...
Artwork courtesy of The Old Globe.

Noura and the problems of immigrant families

Jews of Eastern European ancestry are all too familiar with the pogroms that forcibly removed their forebears from their homes in the 1800s and continued through the Holocaust. However, Jews don’t hold the exclusive...

Holocaust filmmaker’s animated doc in Oscar hunt

Sometimes art imitates life, and sometimes art dictates life. When I interviewed Perry Chen and his mom, Dr. Zhu Shen on Wednesday, I felt that art and life inform each other, with one or...
Tom Steward and Gabriela Nelson in Guadalupe in the Guest Room

A sweet play about two coping with death

We generally view grief as a mitigating factor. Death is a harsh clarion signaling a divide between what was once vibrant and dynamic to something silenced and static. New Village Arts turns this concept...
From left, David McBean, Kevin Hafso Koppman, Omri Schein, and Andrew Abelson (Photo: Aaron Rumley)

‘A Funny Thing’ happened at the North Coast Rep

I can just imagine North Coast Rep’s Artistic Director, David Ellenstein, dancing a jig and high fivin’ his reflection in the mirror after landing one of the most synergistic casts to ever perform on...

‘American Socialist,’ story of Debs, debuts today – July 4

How often do you catch yourself humming a tune, or singing along with lyrics, when you suddenly experience that moment of clarity as you realize the song’s message?  The instant when you learned that...