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The Kharkiv Yiddish literary world, 1920s‐mid‐1930s

The Kharkiv Yiddish literaryworld, 1920s ‐ mid ‐1930s Gennady Estraikh Associate Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrewand Jewish Studies Published online: 19 Jun 2008. Download PDF, click here. East European Jewish Affairs Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:...
Young Peter Salk receives a polio shot from his father, Dr. Jonas Salk, and mother Donna Salk as a nurse looks on. (Slide from presentation by Dr. Peter Salk)

The legacy of Dr. Jonas Salk

Had he lived, today, Monday October 28th, would have been Jonas Salk’s 105th birthday.  Last night, an audience of mostly senior citizens remembered and appreciated the enormity of the contribution that he made to world...
Birthright participants hike up Masada, Israeli flag in hand. Credit: Birthright Israel.

Relevant, responsive, ready: Birthright at 19, still growing strong

For Birthright Israel, 2018 was nothing short of a banner year—a year that accomplished something organizers could only have dreamed of back in 1999. That’s when a few key philanthropists linked arms with the...

Rabbinic group calls for review of professor berating men for putting on tefillin

The Coalition for Jewish Values is calling on two American universities to revisit courses assigned to Professor Pnina Peri after she was caught on video in Hebrew mocking and shaming two men performing Jewish rituals at...
A collage of Hanukkah crafts projects for children. Source: Pinterest.

Hallmark Channel set to to premiere Hanukkah movies for first time

The Hallmark Channel will premiere its first two Hanukkah-themed movies next month in honor of the eight-day Jewish holiday, which this year starts on Dec. 22, the New York Post reported on Wednesday. “Our audience is very vocal,...

March 18, 1964: Norbert Wiener, Father of Cybernetics, dies

Norbert Wiener, a child prodigy who became a world-renowned mathematician and anti-war spokesman, died on this date in 1964. Wiener was a leader in the field of cybernetics (a word he coined), the interdisciplinary...
Eli Cohen (in the middle) posing as Arab merchant Kamel Amin Thaabet, with his friends from the Syrian army on the Golan Heights overlooking Israel, mid-1960s. Credit: Syrian military personnel photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Famed Israeli spy Eli Cohen’s widow angry at Mossad over new report

The widow of famed Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who was executed in Damascus in 1965 and then buried in a secret location, expressed anger at the Mossad spy agency on Sunday, after the publication...

‘Evening with Groucho’ brings back funnyman Marx

SOLANA BEACH, California — A delighted North Coast Repertory Theater audience watched in amazement Tuesday night, as Frank Ferrante became funnyman Groucho Marx.  Before our very eyes, Ferrante painted on his mustache, donned rimmed...

Rating Jerusalem Film Festival entries

Michal and I eagerly look forward to the Jerusalem Film Festival, held every summer in Israel’s capital. This year was no exception. When possible, we try to book an extended stay in this unique...


שבֿועות זענען די נשמות פֿון אַלע גרים אויך געשטאַנען בײַם באַרג סיני פֿון יואל מאַטוועיעוו ווען דער אייבערשטער האָט זיך אַנטפּלעקט פֿאַר ייִדן, זענען זיי אינעם גײַסטיקן זינען געבוירן געוואָרן פֿון ס׳נײַ. ווי מע פּראַוועט שבֿועות אין...