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The Greenfeld family celebrate a brit milah at their home in Beitar Illit, Israel, on April 5, 2020. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90.

Masked mitzvot or joy undimmed: Welcoming new life in the era of COVID-19

“In this time of great darkness, the souls who come down now must be sources of great light.” — Rabbi Doniel Katz, whose youngest child was born this spring There is a tradition among the Jewish...

Today, 75 years of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising are commemorated. A history of resistance...

It is 75 years since the beginning of one of the most heroic deeds of the Jewish people: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, during which less than a thousand Jews confronted the powerful Nazi army...

June 9, 2000: George Segal’s Public Art

Sculptor George Segal, whose 1979 piece, “Gay Liberation,” was the first public piece of art to commemorate the global struggle for equality, died on this date in 2000. “Gay Liberation” was commissioned by the...
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman gives an address during the annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchim) in New York, which took place this year from Nov. 11-16. Photo by Itzik Roytman.

5,800 rabbis and communal leaders celebrate Jewish life at Chabad conference banquet

Lettered and numbered circular tables lined the 150,000-square-foot New Jersey Convention Center, each one filled with a dozen rabbis and Jewish communal leaders, close to 6,000 people in all. They came together for the...

March 5, 1968: Syd Nathan’s “Race Records”

Record producer Syd Nathan, a high school drop-out who founded King Records in Cincinnati, died at 63 on this date in 1968. King Records released James Brown’s first single, “Please, Please”, as well as...

Music from a Speeding Train: Jewish Literature in Post-Revolution Russia

A history of Russian-Jewish and Soviet Yiddish literature from the 1920s to 2006, the study focuses on the themes of time, memory, and the body. This study is a work of restoration, an attempt to...

Remembering Ofra Haza in song and tears

Twenty years ago, the voice of one of Israel’s most remarkable performers was silenced. On Feb. 23, 2000, Ofra Haza died at the age of 42. Haza left a singular legacy for her ability...

Learn how to make classic Israeli hummus in one minute

Come see how to make the classic Israeli Hummus with ISRAEL21c. https://youtu.be/9ORC13mt7P0

A Yiddish rhyme advises how to avoid getting coronavirus (with audio)

מע קען זיך צוהערן צו אַנדערע אַרטיקלען פֿונעם פֿאָרווערטס פֿאָרגעלייענט דורך שׂרה־רחל שעכטער, ווי אויך אַנדערע פֿאָרווערטס־רעקאָרדירונגען, דורכן קוועטשן דאָ. די נײַע וועלט־מגפֿה, און די מיטלען זיך צו באַוואָרענען פֿאַר איר, זענען בפֿירוש ערנסטע ענינים, בפֿרט...

1920 – The Year The `Conflict` Commenced

{Originally posted to the author’s website} The Arabs` conflict with Israel and Zionism did not begin with a supposed conquest and occupation in 1967 nor was in 1948, the year of the creation of the state...