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January 13,1976: The first reading machine capable of translated printed material into spoken words...

The first reading machine capable of translated printed material into spoken words was unveiled on this date in 1976 by inventor Raymond Kurzweil and the National Federation of the Blind. Kurzweil, a pioneering scientist...

September 29, 1941: Babi Yar massacre begins

The Babi Yar massacre of nearly 34,000 Jewish men, women and children begins on the outskirts of Kiev in the Nazi-occupied Ukraine. The German army took Kiev on September 19, and special SS squads prepared...

Seeking names of Jewish officials, past and present

In Sunday’s edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune, reporter Peter Rowe wrote an overview story about San Diego’s Jewish community entitled “Jewish San Diego: Unique Odyssey.”  The subhead of the article was “Pain, promise over a...
Laureen Nussbaum, a childhood friend of Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank's. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Friend of Anne Frank’s opens up about German official who saved her family

A friend of Anne Frank’s from Amsterdam released a new memoir about the little known German official and lawyer Hans Calmeyer, who saved her family and others from the Holocaust. In Shedding Our Stars: A Story of Hans...
A 17th-century rendition of Jacob and Esau (right), the progenitor of the biblical Edomites. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli researchers unveil new discoveries about biblical kingdom of Edom

Israeli researchers published discoveries about the biblical kingdom of Edom on Wednesday. “Using technological evolution as a proxy for social processes, we were able to identify and characterize the emergence of the biblical kingdom of Edom,” explained Tel...

The Cantankerous Pre-History of America’s Jews

The conventional narrative of Jewish America begins in the 1880s, with the massive influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe to New York and other cities. Their descendants indeed make up the majority of today’s...
A view of the archaeological digging site of the City of David near the Old City of Jerusalem on March 31, 2019. Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90.

Fearing ‘end of world is near,’ Israeli returns stolen 2,000-year-old City of David artifact

An Israeli citizen who fears the world is ending amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic recently returned to Jerusalem’s City of David National Park a 2,000-year-old catapult stone he stole 15 years ago. “The time has...

November 20, 1945: Nuremberg Trials Begin

On this day in 1945, 24 high-ranking Nazis go on trial before the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Germany, for atrocities committed during World War II.The Nuremberg Trials...
A monument of Maimonides in Córdoba, Spain. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

New exhibit on Maimonides celebrates renowned Jewish scholar with internationally accrued collection

An exhibit showcasing original manuscripts and writings of one of Judaism’s most revered rabbis is opening at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Maimonides, otherwise known as the Rambam or Moshe Ben Maimon, is one of...
Leo Baeck Institute at the Center for Jewish History. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

New exhibit showcases Jewish migration to Manhattan, evolution of community

A new exhibition in the Chelsea area of New York City details the history of German-Jewish migration to Washington Heights and how Jewish immigrants created a community for themselves in the Manhattan neighborhood, amNY reported. “Refuge in...