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Israeli archeologist Eilat Mazar. Source: Screenshot.

The Jewish woman to whom the stones spoke

Everything in Israel is about politics. But nothing is more intensely political than archeology. That’s because the moment you stick a shovel in the earth of a place like Jerusalem and start digging, you...
An ancient amulet that was found 40 years ago in the Galilee and recently handed over to the National Treasures Center. Credit: Dafna Gazit/Israel Antiquities Authority.

Pendant warding off ‘evil eye’ may shed light on Jewish life in Talmudic period

An ancient pendant that was just handed over to Israel’s National Treasures Center by a family member of the woman who found it 40 years ago near the ruins of an ancient synagogue on...
New immigrants from Ethiopia at the Hadera absorption center in 1991. Credit: Israeli Tsvika/GPO.

Two of the 14,325 stories behind ‘Operation Solomon’

Ethiopia was in the midst of a brutal civil war in 1991 when Israel decided to launch an intrepid mission that would bring 14,325 Ethiopian Jews to Israel over the course of 36 hours....

The Farhud pogrom: From Iraq to Israel

Rioters stormed the streets, lit synagogues on fire, looted and destroyed Jewish homes and stabbed a Jew in the back. No, it wasn’t 1938 in Germany or 1929 in Hebron. These riots were instigated...

May 19, 1588: The Spanish Armada

The Jews of Spain had their revenge on the Inquisition and the Spanish monarch on this date in 1588 when the Spanish Armada arrived in Lisbon in preparation for an attack on England, and...
The biblical Ruth in Boaz's Field by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

‘Your people will be my people’: A Shavuot shout-out to Ruth’s ‘daughters’

“You shall love the convert for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” — Deuteronomy 10:19 There was a moment some 2,500 years ago when a recently widowed Moabite princess refused to abandon her aging mother-in-law...

Simon Wiesenthal Centre-UK and Harif mark the 1943 Nazi Surrender in North Africa

“What if the Desert Campaign had gone wrong?... The Jews from the Maghreb - through Anatolia and the Levant - to Persia, would not have survived!” Paris and London, 14 May The Simon Wiesenthal Centre-UK and Harif,...
A view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo by Judy Lash Balint.

‘Muslim historians consistently confirm Jewish ties to Jerusalem’

The book “Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount: The Rock of Our/Their Existence,” is bound to cause an uproar in the Muslim world. Published last year, it presents a comprehensive list of early Islamic...
A rare bronze oil lamp, shaped like a grotesque face cut in half, was discovered during excavations in Jerusalem’s City of David National Park, May 5, 2021. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

Matching half of Roman-era lamp unearthed in Jerusalem possibly found in Budapest

The Roman-era oil lamp recently unearthed in Jerusalem may be the missing half of a similar artifact found in Budapest nine years ago, the City of David Foundation announced on Sunday. Mere hours after publication of the...
Water distributed to Jerusalemites from locally manufactured containers made of aluminum to prevent rusting, 1931. Credit: Yaacov Ben Dov/KKL-JNF archives.

KKL-JNF releases never-before-seen photos of Jerusalem

In honor of the 54th anniversary of Israel’s liberation of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) has released four photos from the days of the British Mandate before the...