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Cover of Herut's new eBook “Purim: The Zionist Holiday You Never Really Knew"

Free eBook on Purim & Zionism Now Available

Herut North America, a leading American Zionist grassroots movement, has developed an inspirational new anthology for the Purim holiday that is offered for free upon request. This new eBook is comprised of various articles...

Verter fun der Vokh – Tu BiShvat

Tu BiShvat: דער חמישה־עשׂר(־בשבֿט); דער ט״ו בשבֿט New year of the trees: דאָס נײַ֜יאָר פֿון די ביי֜מער; דער ראש־השנה־לאילנות‎ seven species: זיבן מי֜נים wheat: דער ווייץ barley: (דער גערשט, ־ן; פּע֜רלגרויפּן (ל״ר grape: די (ווײַ֜נ)טרויב, ־ן; דאָס טרײַ֜בעלע, ־ך fig:...
A Christmas tree with ornaments (left) and an illustration of Jews praying in synagogue on Yom Kippur. Credit: Mfisherkirshner and Maurycy Gottlieb via Wikimedia Commons.

Is a Yom Kippur-Christmas comparison naughty or nice?

“It’s said that during this time , the Book of Life is open and it’s decided who will live and who will die this year,” writes blogger Derek Powazek, whose posts focus on being...
Volunteers pack cars with winter gifts for children with special needs at LifeTown in New Jersey on Dec. 13-14, 2020. Credit: Friendship Circle New Jersey.

Children with special needs receive Hanukkah winter gifts from Friendship Circle

As her car pulled up to a stop at the door at LifeTown, Sharon Stoch rolled down her window and greeted the teen volunteers, who disappeared back into the building. From the backseat, her son,...

10 Christmas song you didn’t know were written by Jewish artists

Ever wonder who’s behind some of the most popular Christmas songs in the world? While it only seems natural that Christmas songs would be written by those who actually celebrate the holiday, many popular...

6 Hannukah hymns from Morocco to Poland

מיט די חנוכּה־ און פּסח־לידער איז שטענדיק אינטערעסאַנט צו פֿאַרגלײַכן ווי אַזוי פֿאַרשידענע ייִדישע עטנישע גרופּעס האָבן אײַנגעגלידערט די אוראַלטע לידער און זיי צוגעפּאַסט צו די מוזיקאַלישע סטילן פֿון זייער אַרום. מיר הייבן אָן מיט...

2020 Yiddish Khanike Party / December 13 @ 1:00 PM EST

oin us on Zoom for our Yiddish Khanike Party, with Khanike likhtlekh (candles) and warm greetings from our wonderful teachers and students from all over the world! For this first time ever, this annual event will...

Last Chance to See the Chanukah Spectacular

Last Chance to See the Chanukah Spectacular

The True History of the Dreidel

עס קומט באַלד דער יום־טובֿ חנוכּה און צוזאַמען מיט אים וועט מען ווידער רעדן פֿון דריידלעך. אַזוי ווי מיט אַ סך זאַכן אין דער ייִדישער געשיכטע, איז די מעשׂה וואָס אַלע קענען פֿון זייערע...
JDC Hanukkah candle-lightings and other online programs are geared to connect Jews worldwide as the coronavirus pandemic reaches an especially dark period, December 2020. Credit: Courtesy.

Hanukkah candle-lighting on Facebook, events on Zoom to connect Jews worldwide

As a way to connect Jews of all ages during the height of the global coronavirus pandemic, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is inviting people to join on Facebook and unite with...