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SaveTheMusic presents: A very original song for Rosh Hashone in Yiddish

An original song for Rosh Hashanah in Yiddish by Chana Mlotek, Z ”L , music archivist at YIVO (Yiddish Research Institute in New York City) sings songs in Yiddish that she wrote for Rosh...

Four happy songs with Bodo

Recently, the young Yiddishist and movie lover Aaron Bendich uploaded to YouTube some disco songs in Yiddish from the Israeli film, "When you give, you take." Until recently, almost no one outside of Israel saw...

‘Holocaust survivor anthem’ to be performed at UN by 3 Israelis

“I stand, the last one of them all, but all of them are still living in my soul.” These stirring words will be sung on International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 by three...

California Dreamin’ in Yiddish

California Dreamin’ in Yiddish with beatboxing and a flute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtilRqkbfQY מיר איז תּמיד אינטערעסאַנט, ווען מענטשן זעצן איבער פּאָפּולערע אַמעריקאַנער לידער אויף ייִדיש, בפֿרט ווען עס גייט אַ רייד וועגן אַ ליד, וואָס האָט ניט קיין...
The American Jewish pop band Haim performing in 2013. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Jack Black, Flaming Lips and Haim among those to join Hanukkah album

A holiday-inspired music album titled “Hanukkah+” will be released on Nov. 22 and feature a collection of Jewish classics and originals from artists, including Haim, the Flaming Lips, Jack Black and Yo La Tengo, The Rolling Stone reported. The album, produced...
The Shalva Band. Courtesy: Seli Ben Arie.

Shalva Band to be honored with top media award

The Shalva Band will be granted a special citation for fostering Israel-Diaspora relations through the arts, as part of the B’nai B’rith World Center Award for Journalism, Israel Hayom has learned. Formed in 2005 by the Shalva...
Entertainers Benny Friedman and Mordechai Shapiro participate in the virtual “Battle of the Singers” concert on June 16, 2020. Credit: Orthodox Union.

Jewish music bigs Benny Friedman and Mordechai Shapiro belt it out for charity

More than 5,000 people tuned in to the virtual “Battle of the Singers,” featuring well-known Jewish entertainers Benny Friedman and Mordechai Shapiro, and sponsored by the Orthodox Union’s Yachad leading organization for individuals with...

Jewish Musician Paul Simon is Retiring

Paul Simon has announced he will be retiring from regular touring gigs. At 76-years-old, he has had a career of about 60 years. Simon, although Jewish, never highlighted his religion. His stance goes against...

6 Hannukah hymns from Morocco to Poland

מיט די חנוכּה־ און פּסח־לידער איז שטענדיק אינטערעסאַנט צו פֿאַרגלײַכן ווי אַזוי פֿאַרשידענע ייִדישע עטנישע גרופּעס האָבן אײַנגעגלידערט די אוראַלטע לידער און זיי צוגעפּאַסט צו די מוזיקאַלישע סטילן פֿון זייער אַרום. מיר הייבן אָן מיט...

SaveTheMusic presents: “Hob ikh mir a mantl” (I had an Overcoat)

The picturebook Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback uses a creative approach to capture the reader’s attention. By observing the book the reader can anticipate that Joseph has an old overcoat. This...