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Yiddish song after the Holocaust

YIDDISH SONG AFTER THE HOLOCAUST The impact of the destruction of European Yiddish culture in the Holocaust upon Yiddish song is clear: the cultural roots of this diverse repertory were razed and collections of songs...
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Israel Philharmonic to host virtual pre-Hanukkah global music celebration

American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Foundation will premiere the “Israel Philharmonic Pre-Hanukkah Global Celebration,” a multidisciplinary program of instrumental performances and behind-the-scenes interviews, coupled with powerful messages of...

California Dreamin’ in Yiddish

California Dreamin’ in Yiddish with beatboxing and a flute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtilRqkbfQY מיר איז תּמיד אינטערעסאַנט, ווען מענטשן זעצן איבער פּאָפּולערע אַמעריקאַנער לידער אויף ייִדיש, בפֿרט ווען עס גייט אַ רייד וועגן אַ ליד, וואָס האָט ניט קיין...

Grave of Samuel Cohen, composer of Hatikvah is restored

Shmuel Cohen, or Sam Cohen to us less Yiddish aware, is a relatively common Jewish name.  There are 708 Sam Cohens in just California and New York alone.  There is only one Shmuel Cohen...

SaveTheMusic presents: “Mu Asapru, mu adabru”

Here is a classic Passover song which can be a fun challenge in counting backwards in Yiddish after drinking wine. מה אספּרה, מה אדברה אותך װער קען זאָגן, װער קען רעדן װאָס די 1 באַטײַט איינער איז...

Yiddisher Black cantors from 100 years ago rediscovered thanks to rare recording

Early 1920s newspaper ads for the blockbuster New York Yiddish stage shows Dos Khupe Kleyd (The Wedding Dress) and Yente Telebende (Loquacious Battle‐Ax), featured a Black artist among the spotlighted performers. This was Thomas LaRue, a Yiddish-speaking singer widely...

Hot Pstromi’s first concert as the full band since sequestration due to Covid-19

JFest hosts national stars for a musical celebration that glances back and looks ahead. This year’s Summit celebrates klezmer, Yiddish, jazz, world music and songs of social justice, with a special tribute to the...

On the eve of the elections: “America the Beautiful’’ in Yiddish

מיט די אַלע ערנסטע שפּאַנונגען אין דער אַמעריקאַנער געזעלשאַפֿט, איז גרינג די טעג צו זײַן ציניש. אַז איך גיב אָבער אַ קוק אויף די מיליאָנען מענטשן וואָס וואַרטן שעהען לאַנג כּדי אָנטייל צו נעמען...

Jave Alberstein sings “Hey Tziguele”

Jave Alberstein sings a shepherd’s mournful song to his goats פֿאַראַכטאָגן האָט מען געשטעלט אויף יוטוב אַ ווידעאָ, אין וועלכן חווה אַלבערשטיין זינגט מרדכי געבירטיגס „היי ציגעלעך“ אַקאַפּעלאַ אויף אַ קאָנצערט אין דײַטשלאַנד אין 1989....
Firqat Alnoor Orchestra recorded an instrumental version of the Emirati song “Ahebak” on top of the Azrieli Circular Tower in Tel Aviv. Courtesy: Ela Uzan.

Israeli orchestra sends musical love letter to Arab states

Atop a soaring Tel Aviv skyscraper, an orchestra of Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Christian musicians from across Israel performed the Emirati song “Ahebak” (“I Love You”) in tribute to the historic Israel-UAE peace treaty. Posted...