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Cyber attack illustration. Credit: Kai Stachowiak/Pixabay via Wikimedia Commons.

Black Shadow leaks info on hundreds of thousands additional Israelis

Hours after leaking the personal details of users of LGBTQ dating app Atraf, Iran-affiliated hacker group Black Shadow continued to wreak havoc on Tuesday night, releasing private information on nearly 300,000 Israelis receiving medical treatment at...
Flag of Hezbollah and Lebanon flying together. Credit: Arthur Sarradin

Saudi rift with Lebanon growing amid discontent over Hezbollah’s dominance

If Lebanon, mired in a financial and political crisis, didn’t have enough problems, it has angered Saudi Arabia, an important economic patron. The Saudis have taken umbrage at comments made by Lebanon’s information minister....

Lebanese journalist: Energy access to be found in peace agreement with Israel

Lebanese Shi’ite journalist and media personality Nadim Koteich wrote in an article in the popular London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat that Hezbollah is holding the country hostage and preventing it from reaching a peace agreement with Israel. According to...
Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Saudi Arabia: ‘Pointless’ dealing with Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon

Dealing with Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon is “pointless,” said Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud in a TV interview on Sunday. “There is a crisis in Lebanon with the dominance of...
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, on Sept. 3, 2020. Photo by Flash90.

In apparent ‘payback,’ PLO designates two Israeli NGOs as terrorist entities

The Palestine Liberation Organization on Sunday designated two Israeli nongovernmental groups as terrorist entities, in an apparent reprisal over a similar move made by Israel. Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz outlawed six Palestinian groups affiliated...
A 3D illustration of flags pertaining to the Iran and Azerbaijan relationship in crisis. Credit: Open Art/Shutterstock.

Israel plays center stage in Azerbaijan-Iran tensions

Azerbaijan freed two Iranian truck drivers on Oct. 21 after their arrest last month in a sign of thawing relations after tensions spiked, in part due to charges by Iran that Israel had a...
Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, chairman of the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States (second row, second from right) at an Iftar dinner at the U.S. embassy in Istanbul. Source: Twitter.

Alliance strengthens rabbis across Muslim states, as it also uplifts Jewish residents, tourists

The first rabbinic association in the Muslim world started in 2019—pre-dating the Abraham Accords by a year. Many people may be surprised to hear that the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States (ARIS) serves...
“Summer-camp activities” for youth that present terrorists as role models at the Palestinian Authority Security Forces’ Al-Istiqlal University. Credit: PMW.

PA police, Fatah encourage military-style training camp for teenage girls

The Palestinian Authority and Fatah continue to hold “summer-camp activities” for youth that present terrorists as role models. At the P.A. Security Forces’ Al-Istiqlal University, the police administration and Fatah’s Shabiba High School Movement are...
A view of Tehran. Credit: Vanchai Tan/Shutterstock.

Iran claims cyber attack caused major damage to gas stations across country

Iran claimed on Tuesday that a cyber attack interrupted fuel sales and caused long lines at gas stations throughout the Islamic Republic, state media reported. It noted that it remains on alert against such strikes,...
Ali Shamkhani, the head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council and a leading adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Credit: Tehran Times.

Top Iranian official vows ‘shocking’ response to any Israeli attack

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said on Sunday that Iran’s response to any Israeli attack would be “shocking” and cost the Jewish state “tens of thousands of billions.” “Instead of allocating 1.5...