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They Won't Forget - MGM / Public domain

Streaming movies about American anti-Semitism

Street Scene (1931):  Elmer Rice play about immigrants living in a tenement reveals the stereotypes they have of each other. Black Legion (1937): Bogart movie about nativist racist group in Detroit.  Euphemisms are used, but Jews also...

Streaming Latin American Jewish movies

Anita (Argentina: 2008): A Down syndrome Jewish girl wanders the streets of Buenos Aires in search of her mother after the AMIA bombing. Family Law (Argentina, France, Italy, Spain): Jewish son and father explore their differences and...
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Streaming the Armenian genocide

On April 24, 1915 the Ottoman Empire arrested approximately 250 prominent Armenians and deported them a month later to the Turkish interior where most of them were killed.  Armenians annually commemorate April 24th as Armenian...
A promotional photo for “Fauda” on Netflix. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

More streaming Jewish content

Center for Jewish History: Past lectures and programs.   Upcoming lectures in April: Circus of Books: Documentary about a straight Jewish couple who ran Los Angeles’ most popular gay bookstore. Netflix (April 22). Demon: An allegory of Polish-Jewish relations...

Streaming films about the Haredim

For a long time most films dealing with Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews sided with individuals whose choice of lifestyle, partners, or vocations conflicted with the expectations of their families and community.  While that is...
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Streaming Sephardic movies

There are fewer movies about the Sephardim than ones about Ashkenazim, and many of those that do exist aren’t available for streaming.  Here’s a partial list of some you can stream at home. Daniel Deronda:...

Beautiful music with compelling stories

The 30th San Diego International Jewish Film Festival is underway. These aren’t your big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. These are indie films with heart that speak to who we are as a people. I managed to...

The making of an international Jewish film festival

You can tell a lot about any of the 35 movies to be shown at the 30th annual San Diego International Film Festival (SDIJFF)  Feb. 13-23 by when it will be screened, and in some...
John Demjanjuk in Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem. Photo by Flash 90.

Upcoming Netflix docuseries focuses on story of Nazi guard John Demjanjuk

A new Netflix docuseries centers on the story of a retired Ukrainian-American autoworker in Cleveland who was accused of being “Ivan the Terrible,” one of the Holocaust’s most notorious SS guards. In the 1980s, a...

“Why we hate”: Steven Spielberg’s documentary that seeks the origin of hate

Xenophobia, holocausts, torture, aggression. Why do we hate humans, what is the origin of hate? These are the questions asked in the documentary "Why we hate". Steven Spielberg is in charge of this project...