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Lena Küchler (center), director of the children's home in Zakopane, Poland, with the children and staff in 1945. Credit: Yad Vashem.

‘Restoring My Lost Childhood’: Exhibit spotlights how children’s homes revived the youngest Holocaust survivors

It’s been 75 years, but Yaakov Guterman can still recall nearly everything about the nine months he lived in Zakopane, Poland. He remembers that all of a sudden in this group home for children who’d...
Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Art as Liberation: The Mexican Muralists at the Whitney Museum

Vida Americana is an exhilarating, expansive and immensely satisfying exhibition at New York’s Whitney Museum. Like a great and varied feast, this is a show that one must take one’s time to fully appreciate...

Book Review: ‘Inflitration’ by Joshua Kenaz

The death a few months ago of Israeli author, Joshua Kenaz, led to renewed interest in his work, and impelled me to read this book (published by Am Oved in 1986). For me, reading...
Sholem Aleichem at his writing desk, Saint Petersburg, 1904. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Felder’s ‘Before Fiddler’ Highlights Music of Sholem Aleichem Era

Hershey Felder continues to stream one-man shows from his current residence in Florence, Italy. Among his many portrayals of famous composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikowsky and Debussy, he also featured three great Jewish...
Tristan Surtel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jewish Historians of England

Twenty Years On, Views and Reviews of Modern Britain by Peter Stansky; Pinehill Humanities Press, 2020. Peter Stansky born in Manhattan, graduated from Yale, Harvard, and King’s College, Cambridge where he earned his doctorate studying...

Siberian Exile by Julija Sukys

By the end of the Holocaust, Lithuania suffered one of the highest percentages of Jewish deaths in all of Europe. Before the war, 168, 000 Jews lived there, of which 83 per cent were...

A Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse

My Best Enemy (Mein Bester Feind), a 2011 film now streaming on paid Amazon Prime, opens in Vienna in 1938, just before Hitler is about to move his army into Austria. The film focuses on...

What a Jewish teacher learns in United Arab Emirates

A Jewish American working in the United Arab Emirates fears hostility but finds humanity in this debut memoir. Fleeing divorce and midlife crisis, journalist Eden left Ohio in 2008 to take a teaching job at the...

Sophia Loren plays elderly Holocaust survivor in ‘The Life Ahead’

Sofia Villani Scicolone first appeared into the movie called Quo Vadis in 1951 when she was only 15 years old. She was renamed “Sophia Loren” by her husband Carlo Ponti who also directed the film. Loren...

When You Kill Children, You Kill Infinite Possibilities

#AnneFrank. Parallel Stories, a 2020 documentary streaming on Netflix, is narrated by Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren who revisits Anne Frank’s life and the possibility of what she could have been; reading passages of her...