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Daily Archives: May 7, 2021

Mazl Tov to all Yiddishe Mames

Enjoy the My Yiddishe Mame Collection

Human Rights Watch Report Spews Up The Usual Omissions And Distortions

Palestinian society paints itself into a corner for more than seven decades, and then their friends liken Israel to an apartheid state. I pored through the first several pages of the Human Rights Watch report...
Van Morrison at Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2010. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

‘They own the media:’ Coronavirus anti-Semitism remains lethal

Another one of my musical heroes, sadly, outed himself this week as an anti-Semite. On this occasion, it was the turn of Van Morrison—the consummate blues artist from Belfast in Northern Ireland, whose hoarse...
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) in 2019. Credit: Jerome460/Shutterstock.

Jewish Republicans divided over fate of Cheney in battle with Trump loyalists

As Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives prepare to decide whether or not to vote next week on removing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from the House GOP conference chair position, support for the...
U. S. Representative Jamaal Bowman speaks during a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at NAN headquarters. Credit: Lev Radin/Shutterstock.

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman explains support for bill to restrict aid to Israel

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) defended his support for a bill that would impose limitations on U.S. military aid to Israel. Bowman, who serves as the U.S. representative for New York’s 16th Congressional District, is one...
The Hezbollah War Museum in Mleeta, Lebanon. Credit: Em Campos/Shutterstock.

New reports map out Hezbollah’s missile arsenal, expose new military sites

Reported Israeli strikes once again lit up Syria’s night sky early on Wednesday, with Israeli missiles slamming into multiple targets in northwest Syria’s Latakia region, according to Syrian state media. The reports are the latest reminder...
Canadian flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Canada joins US, Australia in steering clear of events related to 20 years of...

The Canadian government said on Thursday that it will not participate in upcoming events marking the 20th anniversary of a U.N.-sponsored anti-racism conference that singled out Israel for criticism. The announcement was made on the...
A screenshot of Iranian state TV threatening to blow up the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Source: Screenshot.

Iranian state TV airs video clip of exploding US Capitol

A video clip depicting the dome of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., exploding after scenes of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps troops marching on parade and the launch of a missile was shown on...
Incendiary devices launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli communities along the border resumed on May 4, 2021. Credit: JNF.

Terror-balloon attacks resume against communities, fields in southern Israel

Incendiary devices launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli communities along the border resumed on Thursday with firefighters currently battling blazes in fields surrounding Kibbutz Kissufim in southern Israel. Eshkol Council Security Officer Ilan Isaacson...
San Francisco's Frena Bakery. Source: Google Maps screenshot.

San Francisco’s only kosher bakery praised for hiring former prisoners

The sole kosher bakery in San Francisco has made headlines for hiring formerly incarcerated employees. The nickname for Isaac Yosef’s Frena Bakery is the “Lifer Bakery.” Yosef has hired more than 25 ex-prisoners at his bakery...