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Daily Archives: June 17, 2021

Jewish Caucus secures nearly $80 in California state budget for communal priorities

California’s Jewish community will be significant beneficiaries of state funding next year to the tune of $80 million, thanks to the efforts of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus. One of the key allocations is $50...

Can Israel’s new government make up with Democrats?

Like a student on the first day of a new school semester, the slate is clean for new governments seeking to improve relations with other countries. In such circumstances, hope and optimism are the...

Israel unveils composition of new diplomatic-security cabinet

Three days after its inauguration, Israel’s new government on Wednesday approved the composition of its diplomatic-security cabinet. The government also approved the establishment of a ministerial committee on foreign service appointments. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett...

Palestinianism is opening up a posthumous Nazi front against Jews

The Palestinian war against Israel is no longer something that the West can regard as a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom they know nothing. At a recent congressional hearing in America,...