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Daily Archives: August 13, 2021

Composite image of paintings by Nikos Stavroulakis appearing in front of a photograph he took of the Etz Hayyim Synagogue ruins in Hania, Crete, prior to the restoration efforts he led (© Nikos Stavroulakis)

Resurrecting One of the World’s Oldest Jewish Communities

Jews first arrived in Crete from Egypt some 2,300 years ago, perhaps as part of Egyptian military campaigns. A century or two later, they came from the Land of Israel during the Maccabean Revolt. At...
Collecting hay piles for bales in central Israel. Aug. 20, 2018. Photo by Anat Hermony/Flash90.

Jews worldwide join Israel’s farm families for challenges and blessings of ‘shmita’ year

“Grant blessing on the face of the Earth and from its goodness satisfy us, blessing our year as the best of years. Blessed are you G-d who blesses the years.” — Morning prayers If you look...

‘Riding the Edge’ Is a Memoir of Self-Discovery

In the context of the Middle East, to which they traveled by way of a tortuous, yet exhilarating bike safari through Europe, the Jewish Michael Tobin and his Lebanese-Christian girlfriend Deborah were problematic candidates...

Column: An Israel Critic’s ‘Worst Enemy’

Cori Bush, after serving seven months in Congress, now rates comparison to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What follows is no compliment. When Walter F. George campaigned for his fourth full term in the U.S. Senate, Roosevelt...
Sharon Kleinbaum, rabbi of New York’s Beit Simchat Torah—the world’s largest LGBTQ congregation. Source: Facebook/Beit Simchat Torah.

When the Jew-bashers are Jews

The latest move by President Joe Biden to appall many American Jews as an act of wanton hostility is his appointment of the progressive rabbi, Sharon Kleinbaum, to the U.S. commission on International Religious...
The Middle East as seen from 250 miles above in this photo from the International Space Station. Countries, from left, along the Mediterranean coast include Egypt, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. The major waterways shown from left to right are the Nile River, Gulf of Suez, Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, April 4, 2016. Credit: NASA on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Deep-sea shark discovery in Israel sheds light on understanding of climate change

A research initiative led by the University of Haifa and partners in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea recently revealed deep-sea brine pools and related habitat hotspots, including hundreds of deep-water sharks and the largest concentration...

Google and Unilever Among Companies Receiving Failing Grades in New Report on Antisemitism in...

Today, StopAntisemitism.org released a first-of-its kind report evaluating how 25 of America’s leading corporations in the categories of technology, beauty, general retail, clothing retail, and healthcare are addressing Jewish discrimination in the workplace based on three baseline measures:...
The entrance sign for the University of South Carolina. Credit: Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.

University of South Carolina opens first Anne Frank Center in America

The University of South Carolina will open North America’s first Anne Frank partner site and the world’s fourth Anne Frank Center. The Anne Frank Center on campus will be free of charge and open for...
Omar Shakir of Human Rights Watch, the New York-based rights group's Israel-Palestine director, speaks during a press conference at a Jerusalem hotel ahead of his expulsion from Israel, Nov. 24, 2019. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.

Ex-Ben & Jerry’s employee says company spoke to anti-Israel activist pre-boycott

A former employee of Ben & Jerry’s said the company’s board consulted with anti-Israel activist and Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) Israel-Palestine director Omar Shakir before the ice-cream maker announced its decision last month to boycott the...
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Harland Quarrington.

Israel Aerospace Industries and Microsoft team up for cyber training

Israel Aerospace Industries and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service are teaming up to provide governments, academies, institutions of higher and enterprises around the world with cyber training, IAI announced on Thursday. IAI’s subsidiary Elta Systems...