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Daily Archives: August 18, 2021

A man blowing a shofar. Credit: John Theodor/Shutterstock.

‘Double our joy’: Five fascinating facts about the Jewish leap year

Buckle your seatbelts; we’re heading in. With the arrival of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish world is being thrown headlong into the leap year of 5782. But the leap year of the Jewish variety may not be...

‘Pray Away’ Reveals Religious Fraud

John and Anne Paulk were the public faces of the “ex-gay” movement. Married with children, they did the talk-show circuit (Oprah, Springer, 60 Minutes) asserting that Divine Intervention had “delivered” them from their “sexually...
Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi visits Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on Aug. 18, 2021. Photo by Yad Vashem/Yossi Ben David.

Japanese foreign minister views Children’s Memorial, honorary tree at Yad Vashem

Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Motegi toured the current exhibit, “Flashes of Memory: Photography During the Holocaust.” He also participated in a memorial ceremony at the...
U.S. President Joe Biden on the phone with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about ongoing efforts to safely drawdown the civilian footprint in Afghanistan. Source: White House/Twitter.

Can Biden reverse course and abandon Obama’s policies?

President Joe Biden has tried to shift the responsibility to his predecessors and to just about everyone but himself regarding the situation in Afghanistan, which is a colossal disaster. It demonstrates how ill-prepared the...
U.S. soldiers on the way back to Kandahar Army Air Field on Sept. 4, 2003. The soldiers were searching for Taliban fighters and illegal weapons caches. Photo: Staff Sgt. Kyle Davis/U.S. Army.

President Biden chose the worst options in Afghanistan

You don’t need to be a brilliant geopolitical strategist to understand that the United States should be the best friend—and the worst enemy—any nation could have. Following the events of recent days, the United...
An old Israeli tank with a flag overlooking the Syrian town of Quneitra in the Golan Heights on Feb. 11, 2018. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90.

Report: After Syria strike, IDF again warns Syrian military to cease cooperation with Hezbollah

Syrian opposition sources reported on Wednesday that following an alleged Israeli strike on a military post near the border on Tuesday, the Israeli military dropped leaflets warning the Syrian military to cease cooperating with...
Israel Defense Forces soldiers of Tank Battalion Unit 71 near the Syrian border with Israel in the northern Golan Heights, Aug. 18, 2021. Photo by Michael Giladi/Flash90.

Counter-terrorism expert: ‘Taliban has alliances with Islamist forces in Syria’

Propaganda messaging by Al-Qaeda has risen dramatically in recent weeks, in line with the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban fundamentalist forces, an Israeli counter-terrorist expert has warned. Michael Barak, a senior researcher at the Institute...
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett speaking with U.S. President Joe Biden on June 13, 2021. Credit: Ariel Zandberg/GPO.

White House announces Biden to meet Bennett for talk on regional security

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will meet with U.S. President Joe Biden on Aug. 26, according to a brief statement released on Wednesday by White House spokesperson Jen Psaki. Psaki wrote that the visit would work to...
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco. Credit: Courtesy.

Israeli universities to partner with Moroccan tech school for joint research, degrees

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) in Morocco is working on agreements with two Israeli universities so far to promote academic collaboration. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem penned an understanding with the institution on Aug. 10,...
A member of the Taliban's religious police beats an Afghan woman in Kabul on Aug. 26, 2001. The footage, filmed by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, can be seen at: pz.rawa.org/rawasongs/movie/beating.mpg. Credit: Wikipedia.

Watchdog: Western Islamists express pride, joy as Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Despite most Americans being shocked at the events unfolding in Afghanistan over the past few days, a number of Western Islamists have via social media welcomed the return of the fundamentalist Taliban forces, according...