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Daily Archives: August 27, 2021

Deadline for international Yiddish music contest extended to August 31

די אָרגאַניזירער פֿון די „באָבע־פּרעמיעס‟ — דער גרעסטער קאָנקורס פֿון נײַע ייִדישע לידער און כּלי־⁠זמר־קאָמפּאָזיציעס אויף דער וועלט — האָבן געמאָלדן אַז מע האָט פֿאַרלענגערט דעם טערמין אַרײַנצושיקן די שאַפֿונגען ביזן 31סטן אויגוסט 2021. די געווינער וועלן...

Rosh Hashanah ‘Guide for the Perplexed’

The evening of Mpnday Sept. 6, 2021 will launch the 5782nd Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah). Annual reminder The Hebrew word rosh (ראש) means “head/beginning” and hashanah (השנה) means “the year.” The root of the Hebrew word shanah is both “repeat” and “change.”...

Artscroll Rosh Hashana/ Yom Kippur Prayer Books For Rent

Once again, Jeff Seidel’s Student Center in the Old City is renting out for those students High Holiday (Rosh Hashana/ Yom Kippur) Machzorim. The rental fee is 200 Shekels and upon return after a...
ISIS-K fighters in Afghanistan. Source: Screenshot.

Islamism’s brutal face is back on display

Any notion that the worst days of Islamist terrorism are long behind us was brutally shattered at Kabul Airport on Thursday, as twin bombs ripped indiscriminately through Afghan civilians and U.S. and other foreign...
Jnzl's Photos via Flickr

Another year, another political lecture from the pulpit?

Most non-Orthodox Jews in America, which represents the majority of American Jews, do not attend regular synagogue services. But they do show up in greater numbers once or twice a year during the High...

Wiesenthal Centre Open Letter to United Nations Secretary-General: “I.D. theft of the Jewish and...

In a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Wiesenthal Centre Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, expressed shock at the former’s reception on 19 August of the so-called “UN Palestine Exhibit Books”....
U.S. soldiers assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division patrol Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 17, 2021. Credit: U.S. Central Command Public Affairs.

Jewish groups mourn lives lost in Kabul terror attack: ‘We stand in solidarity’

Jewish groups stood in solidarity with U.S. military forces and Afghan civilians killed in two terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday. “We are devastated by the horrifying terror attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport that took...
The front of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires, with the names of the 85 people who died in the July 18, 1994 bombing that also left more ta 300 injured, July 18 July 2015. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Prosecutor: Terrorists behind Argentina’s AMIA bombing to be brought to justice

A prosecutor in Argentina told Israel Hayom he will not stop trying to apprehend those responsible for the 1994 deadly bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, following news that one of the alleged...
Jewish twins were kept alive to be used in Dr. Josef Mengele's medical experiments. These children from Auschwitz were liberated by the Red Army in January 1945. Credit: USHMM/Belarusian State Archive of Documentary Film and Photography.

Kentucky Rep. Massie tweets out analogy between mask-wearing and Holocaust

A member of the U.S. House of Representatives is under fire for a tweet that compared coronavirus restrictions to the murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. The black-and-white image posted by Rep. Thomas...
United Nations headquarters in New York City. Credit: Pixabay.

3,000-plus pro-Israel lawyers ask European countries to skip Durban conference

A global network of more than 3,000 pro-Israel lawyers and activists is asking European countries to withdraw their participation from an upcoming event marking the 20th anniversary of the Durban Conference, reported The Jerusalem Post. The...