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Daily Archives: October 1, 2021

Volunteer Ali Tuchman, 39, was photographed in “lifestyle snapshots,” such as celebrating a birthday, participating in a Torah-study group, and socializing and engaging with other women. Credit: Laura Ben David.

Encouraging inclusion: Creating a photo bank of Orthodox Jewish women

The Jewish Life Photo Bank is releasing what they call the first-of-its-kind photo bank representing Orthodox Jewish life, including positive images of Jewish women and families. Chochmat Nashim, an organization that challenges trends in Jewish...
Naomi Adler. Credit: Courtesy.

New head of Hadassah: ‘We have the chance to deepen our vision for the...

Naomi Adler’s connection with Hadassah began two decades before she was even born, when noted cantor Hugo Chaim Adler and his wife, Selma, stepped off the ship in New York—a ship that had taken...
Vice President Kamala Harris at George Mason University. Source: Screenshot.

Is it ever OK to praise the ‘truth’ of an anti-Semitic blood libel?

Does it matter if politicians let lies told by people they meet publicly go unanswered? That’s the question that many in the Jewish community, especially the majority who regularly vote for Democrats, are asking...
A conference in Erbil, Iraq, hosted by the Center for Peace Communications, September 2021. Source: Screenshot.

Iraq persecutes its heretics

It has the air of a witch-hunt. Many of the 300 leaders of Iraqi civil society, Sunni and Shi’a, who gathered in the Kurdish region last week for a conference advocating an Iraqi peace...
The U.S. Capitol Dome. Credit: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock.

Iron Dome funding to Israel delayed in Senate, though favored to pass

Assistance funding for Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system was temporarily delayed in the U.S. Senate this week when it appeared as a sidenote to the Senate’s fight to avert a government shutdown. While working on...
California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Credit: Jana Asenbrennerova/Shutterstock.

Thousands call on California Gov. Newsom to veto ethnic-studies bill ahead of deadline

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is being pressured by thousands of Californians to reject a recently passed bill mandating ethnic studies as a high school graduation requirement as his Oct. 10 deadline to sign or...
Kamala Harris in 2019. Credit: Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock.

Harris aides attempt to address backlash after exchange with college student on Israel

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has been in touch with pro-Israel and Jewish organizations after an exchange this week with a student in Virginia who accused Israel of ethnic genocide. “The vice president strongly disagrees with the...
The European Parliament. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

European budget committee links UNRWA aid to erasure of anti-Israel incitement

The European Parliament Committee on Budgets passed an amendment to withhold more than $23 million in financial aid to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees unless anti-Israel incitement is removed from textbooks...
Rafael's SPYDER air-defense missile system, September 2008. Credit: Ereshkigal1 via Wikimedia Commons.

Czech Republic signs $627 million deal for Israeli air-defense missile system

The Czech Ministry of Defense signed a $627 million deal to purchase the Spyder surface-to-air missile system by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the ministry announced. “I appreciate the willingness of the Israeli government to...
A 2018 Tesla Model S. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Tesla adds 4,689 vehicles in Israel, making up 60 percent of electric-car market

The American electric-vehicle and clean-energy company Tesla brought 4,689 new cars into the Israeli car market between January and September, now comprising a little more than 60 percent of the electric vehicle market. From the...