December 2020 marks 100 years since the curtain first rose on the Vilner Troupe’s ground-breaking production of Sh. Ansky’s Der Dibek (The Dybbuk, or, Between Two Worlds) which theater historian Debra Caplan calls ‘the most iconic play in the Jewish canon.’

In honor of that landmark date in Jewish and theatrical history, the 29th of Kislev 5681––author Sh. Ansky’s shloyshim and the world premiere of his play––the Congress for Jewish Culture is presenting an online production of the play in Yiddish with English subtitles and English narration. To paraphrase theater director, educator, and historian Mikhl Weichert: “The Dybbuk” is not “Der Dibek.” Language is not just exterior. Not just “form.” Language on the stage is content, is soul, is blood.

The production is directed and adapted by Allen Lewis Rickman.

Our all-star international cast includes Mike Burstyn (Los Angeles), Mendy Cahan (Tel Aviv), Refoyel Goldwasser (Buenos Aires), Dan Kahn (Berlin), Amitai Kedar (Tel Aviv), Yoffe Sheinberg (New York), Yelena Shmulenson (New York), Suzanne Toren (New York), and Michael Wex (Toronto). Music, including pieces from the original production, performed by Michael Winograd.

Produced by Shane Baker for the Congress for Jewish Culture. Uri Schreter acted as technical advisor and edited the video.

© Congress for Jewish Culture 2020