Herut North America, a leading American Zionist grassroots movement, has developed an inspirational new anthology for the Purim holiday that is offered for free upon request. This new eBook is comprised of various articles about Purim Zionism and also includes other content.

“This Purim eBook is titled “Purim: The Zionist Holiday You Never Really Knew”, and we created it at this time because Dr. Israel Eldad’s brand of Zionist optimism is needed precisely in these dark days of the pandemic,” said Karma Feinstein Cohen, the Executive Director of Herut North America. “Our fervent hope is that through this unique compilation, readers will be inspired to think about Israel, Zionism, Judaism, and Jewish history in new ways.”

This anthology includes two full essays by classical Zionist thinker Dr. Israel Eldad all about Purim and a recently-unearthed decades old interview of Eldad about anti-Semitism conducted by Geula Cohen in 1969 titled “Why The Jews Are Hated” that was featured in in “Israel Magazine.”

“Zionist education is Herut’s main mission, and has been since our inception. That is one reason for the publishing of this Purim eBook this year,” said Herut North America’s National Director Moshe Phillips. “Also, we recently observed the 25th anniversary of the death of Dr. Israel Eldad, a dynamic Zionist thinker, who was a major leader of Israel’s pre-state underground in the 1940s, and a well-known Israeli public intellectual. Eldad was one of the most influential newspaper columnists in Israeli history and wrote more about Purim than perhaps any of his contemporaries.”

Herut is an international movement for Zionist pride and education and is dedicated to the ideals of pre-World War Two Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky. More about Herut can be found at www.HerutNA.org