Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the result of the U.S. presidential election would not alter the country’s policy towards America.

“Our policy towards the United States is clearly set and does not change with the movement of individuals. It does not matter to us who comes and goes,” Khamenei said in an interview on state TV to mark the 41st anniversary of the 1979 capture of the U.S. embassy in Tehran—by a group calling itself the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line—and the taking of its staff members hostage for 444 days, reported Reuters.

“The students’ attack on this den of spies was quite appropriate and wise,” added Khamenei, using the Iranian epithet for America’s diplomatic mission.

Also on Tuesday, according to Reuters, Khameini took to Twitter to rail against the U.S.-brokered Abraham Accords (without mentioning them by name) signed at the White House on Sept. 15 between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and between Israel and Bahrain, as well as Sudan’s subsequent agreement to join the peace effort with the Jewish state.

In another post, he wrote: “The U.S. regime suffers from severe political, civil, and moral deviations. This is what their own analysts say. Such a regime won’t last long. Of course, if certain people hold office, they speed up its destruction, while with others it may take a little longer.”