Nationalist protesters called for Jews to be killed or expelled from Poland at a rally in the central Polish city of Kalisz on Thursday.

Protesters at the rally, held to mark Poland’s Independence Day, blasted Jews as enemies of the state and burned a copy of the 1264 document known as the Statute of Kalisz, which bestowed on Jews rights and protection and resulted in a large Jewish community that was ultimately wiped out by the Nazis in World War II.

Kalisz Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski had attempted to ban the protest, according to a report in German state-owned media outlet Deutsche Welle. The government, however, overruled the ban, designating the demonstration as a national ceremony.

“The unequivocal condemnation by Polish officials is important and necessary. I expect the Polish government to take a firm stance against the people who took part in this shocking display of hatred,” he added.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said organizers of the rally would “suffer legal consequences,” according to the DW report. Polish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lukasz Jasina said the protest was “used to propagate hate, anti-Semitism and religious intolerance.”

The Roman Catholic Church in Poland also condemned the demonstration, according to the report.

“Such attitudes have nothing to do with patriotism. They undermine the dignity of our brethren and destroy social order and peace. They are in direct contradiction to the Gospel and the teaching of the church,” said Bishop Rafal Markowski, chairman of the Committee for Dialogue with Judaism at the Polish Bishops’ Conference, in a statement.

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.

SOURCEJewish News Syndicate


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    We demand a clear explanation from Poland regarding this recent sinful and painful event. (See article below).
    This starts when a country decides that they are not guilty of having any participation in the Holocaust. Remember that Poland has a terrible record of antisemitism, in fact, the Golem was created in a Polish town to protect the Jews from the same mindless persons who are now burning books.

    Where were the police? Where were the Polish people who didn’t offer assistance to stop it or protest against this? None of them have remorse, or a soul, or merely a slight desire to help another human being even though he is Jewish. Whoever is a normal thinking person in Poland should be astonished by this horrific exhibit of hatred and demand justice be implemented now. These violent people ought to be arrested and sentenced to life for desecrating

    Imagine what would have been accomplished if we were 30 MILLION MORE.
    “Now back to my fascination with Jews and the Nobel Prize. The following statistics are noteworthy. As of 2017, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 902 individuals, of whom 203 or 22.5% were Jewish, even though Jews, as I’ve indicated, comprise less than one-half of one percent of the world’s population. This means the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is about 112.5 times or 11,250% above average. Of organizations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 21% were founded principally by Jews or by people of half-Jewish descent.
    Broken down by Nobel Prize category, Jews represent:
    In Economics – 40% of the world’s total prize winners
    In Physics – 26% of the world’s total
    In Physiology or Medicine – 26% of the world’s total
    In Chemistry – 20% of the world’s total
    In Literature – 13% of the world’s total
    In Peace – 8% of the world’s total.”
    These statistics I find to be absolutely amazing
    Israel’s and the Jew’s discoveries in technology, agriculture, and medicine are well known and used globally. What more proof do you need to cherish and support the Jews?

    Pablo Nankin, MD

    Israel condemns ‘horrifying antisemitic incident’ in Poland | World Israel News
    Israel condemns ‘horrifying antisemitic incident’ in Poland | World Isra…
    Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called the incident ‘horrifying.’


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