The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) announced that the Claims Conference has begun allocating $1.1 million to Holocaust survivors who are currently living in or were persecuted by German Nazis or their allies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg during the years of World War II and the Holocaust.

The money comes from the Luxembourg Fund, a direct support payment program for Holocaust survivors that is the result of an agreement on Holocaust-era restitution. It was signed in January by WJRO, the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Jewish community of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Foundation for the Remembrance of the Shoah.

The deadline for new applicants has been extended to Jan. 31.

Claude Marx, 87, a Holocaust survivor living in Luxembourg, said “the symbolic gesture that this payment program represents will never heal the wounds that I and other Holocaust survivors have suffered as a result of Nazi crimes in Luxembourg and elsewhere, but it is an important chapter in our journey to find a measure of justice.”