More than 200 celebrities and leaders in the entertainment industry signed a letter rejecting a cultural boycott of the Tel Aviv LGBTQ+ film festival.

The open letter, an initiative by Creative Community for Peace, comes in response to attempts by anti-Israel activists to boycott a film festival that celebrates international voices from the LGBTQ+ community, including the Middle East.

Among the notable actors and entertainers who signed on to the letter are Neil Patrick Harris; Dame Helen Mirren; Mila Kunis; Zach Quinto; Mayim Bialik; Emmanuelle Chriqui; Jeremy Piven; Jonathan Tucker; Billy Porter; and Gene Simmons.

He added that “support of the boycott movement is counterproductive, and instead of amplifying the voices of coexistence trying to effect real change on the ground, those who support the calls for a boycott are only creating more hostility and division.”