Ahead of Passover and deep into the coronavirus pandemic, Orthodox Jewish leaders and medical professionals in Florida have warned against an exodus of visitors from their homes to the Sunshine State to celebrate the Jewish holiday to visit family or stay at the all-inclusive Passover hotel and resorts.

In a letter to their communities late last week, 35 Orthodox Jewish leaders and nine medical professionals in Florida wrote, “To all those from out of state considering spending Pesach here in Florida: It’s halachically prohibited and medically irresponsible to come for Pesach.”

Passover begins at sundown on April 8 and ends at nightfall on April 16.

The letter, first reported on Thursday by COLlive, mentions that Florida’s health-care system “is currently overburdened, and an influx of new patients can lead to deaths. In addition to being a chilul Hashem, we have a halachic requirement to keep our communities safe.”

Finally, the letter notes that the Jewish institutions, including synagogues and kosher restaurants, will not be accommodating visitors this year.