Palestinian children born decades after Israel’s establishment in 1948 are being educated by the authorities in Ramallah to envision themselves as residents of the cities “stolen by the Jews” and as “refugees” temporarily living in the Palestinian territories, Palestinian Media Watch reported on Tuesday.

In “A Child and a Refugee Camp”—a children’s program aired Nov. 3 on official P.A. TV—kids were taught, 12-year-old Abd Al-Rahman Baba tells viewers to see themselves as suffering victims of “the Jews,” according to the PMW report.

Israelis were not mentioned at all on the broadcast.

“The Jews stole our land from us, and I have been waiting 12 years already, my father 40 years, and my grandfather has been waiting 70 years. … The Jews took our land by force and settled us in the [refugee] camps. I hope to return to Lod, my city,” said Baba.