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If ethnic studies is to be taught in schools, we need a better curriculum. But, more importantly, we need to draw a line in the sand and secure an end to systemic Jew-hatred in education.

  • Require the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum to include the full Jewish experience as a targeted minority in America and remove hate.
  • Train teachers and administrators about systemic Jew-hatred in education and how to dismantle it.
  • Implement mandatory study of the Holocaust and the expulsion of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa for years K-12, and of systemic discrimination against the Jewish community in America.
  • Investigate why blatant Jew-hatred was included in the initial drafts and mandate these drafts not be used.

Jews have been persecuted for centuries. Our experience as a community in America has been marred by exclusion, discrimination, and violence. Our community has suffered as an ethnic group for racist reasons. We deserve a curriculum that reflects our unique experience and journey.

It took three drafts to get the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum to a version that is still inadequate. It took three drafts to scrub the most disgusting Jew-hatred from the curriculum.

Is that a victory? Or is it a troubling sign of how firmly established systemic Jew-hatred is in academia?

This is an issue that should unite, not divide, our community. We are determined to make our voices heard and speak out against systemic Jew-hatred in education