Sheba Medical Center has inaugurated Israel’s first hospital gift room exclusively for elderly patients, located in the Geriatric Division of Sheba’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

Intended for geriatric patients who are hospitalized long-term or whose birthday occurs during their stay, the brightly decorated room is filled with gifts—everything from books and puzzles to hats and blankets—selected in collaboration with a social worker from the Department of Senior Citizens and tailored to the needs of the patients. Patients visit the room accompanied by volunteers or family members, who help them choose a gift.

“Our parents spent a lot of time volunteering with seniors and giving of themselves, and we understood that this cycle of giving must continue,” explained Spiegel. “We have an amazing gift room for kids at Sheba’s Children’s Hospital, and when it came time to honor the memories of our late parents, we decided to focus on uplifting the spirits of Sheba’s senior patients.”

“The gift room we set up with the help of Sheba’s management and with ongoing donations of gifts from many generous donors,” he continued, “helps us continue our parents’ legacy, passing on the value of giving to provide moments of joy to senior patients.”