The United Arab Emirates helped coordinate the delivery of around 500 citrons, known as etrogim in Hebrew, and packages of myrtle to Iran’s Jewish community to be used for Sukkot, reported The Jerusalem Post.

Citrons and myrtle, called in Hebrew hadas, are two of the “Four Species” traditionally used during prayers over the Sukkot holiday, which begins this year at sundown on Sept. 20 and lasts through sundown on Monday, Sept. 27, followed by Simchat Torah on Sept. 28.

Both citron and myrtle do not grow in Iran. In past years, the Iranian Jewish community imported citrons through Turkey, but organizing delivery from the country has been challenging in recent weeks due to Turkey’s rise in coronavirus cases.

The Alliance of Rabbis in the Islamic States also worked with the Jewish Agency and Meromim Foundation to deliver the “Four Species” to Jewish communities in other Muslim countries, including Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It also imported and distributed 300 sets to the Jewish communities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.