Dear Supporters,

Thanks to your donations we have already raised $360 towards our billboard campaign.  We are aiming to raise $700 for a one week spot, or $1900 for a whole month spot. Please donate today!

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A special thanks to volunteer Yitzchak Hoenig (pictured above on the transplanter with my son) for making the trip from Queens to help on the farm.  Yitzchak first volunteered on the farm years ago on his second date with his now wife!

Our “Eretz Goshen” brand crackers have arrived!  You can order them by the case on our farm stand.  These are delicious whole wheat flatbreads made with our own Yiddish Farm grown flour!  Get yours today! If you love our matzos you will enjoy these crackers

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The oppressively hot weather has subsided and we are back to planting.  In the last couple of days we transplanted squash, and sowed popcorn and sunflowers. Our peas are starting to flower, and the wheat is progressing.  The farm is already producing cucumbers and zucchini and a sea of tomatoes and blueberries is on the way.

We were visited by Yeshiva Meoir HaTalmid, a group of 30 boys who made the trek up from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They toured the farm, and were treated to demonstrations and speeches on the farm’s connection to Passover.

vareme grusn,

Yisroel Bass