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The Davidson Center Archaeological Park, adjacent to Jerusalem's Western Wall. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Archeologists find evidence of Jerusalem earthquake described in Bible

Archeologists have uncovered in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem the first evidence of the capital being hit with an earthquake that was mentioned in the Bible, reported i24News. According to the first verse of...
The inscription found in southern Israel on an ancient jug. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

Rare ‘book of Judges’-era inscription found in southern Israel

A rare, 3,100-year-old inscription was discovered during excavations in southern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Monday. The partial inscription, written in ink on a small pottery jug, was recovered in the Shahariya forest...
Israeli archeologist Eilat Mazar. Source: Screenshot.

The Jewish woman to whom the stones spoke

Everything in Israel is about politics. But nothing is more intensely political than archeology. That’s because the moment you stick a shovel in the earth of a place like Jerusalem and start digging, you...
Israel is home to more than 220 bird species, some rare and some far more common. Photo by Mendy Hechtman/Flash90.

A guide to Israel’s fabulous feathered friends

If yours truly were asked to name all the birds she knows, she’d probably make it to about eight different types. So you can imagine my surprise when I learned that there are no fewer...
In 1987, he joined “Moment” magazine as editor and publisher—a position he would fill for the next 15 years.

Editor, author and attorney turned archaeology expert Hershel Shanks dies at 90

Editor, author and attorney Hershel Shanks, passed away at his home in Washington on Feb. 5 at the age of 90. Born in 1930 in Western Pennsylvania, halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, he graduated from...
Wool fibers dyed with Royal Purple, dating to approximately 1,000 BCE, found in the Timna Valley in southern Israel. Photo by Dafna Gazit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

3,000-year-old fragments of cloth dyed with Royal Purple found in Israel

In a groundbreaking discovery, Israeli archaeologists have recovered scraps of fabric dyed in royal purple, also known as true purple, dating back to the era of the biblical King David. The remnants of woven fabric,...
Inside Cave 11, Qumran. Credit: Shai Halevi, Courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority.

Using DNA technology, Israeli researchers discern new clues to piece together Dead Sea Scrolls

Using DNA technology, Israeli researchers have uncovered new clues about the origins of the Dead Sea Scrolls, providing a new glimpse into Jewish life during the final days of the Second Temple period. Researchers from...
Ruth Cohen and her parents with Shafir Regional Council head Adir Neeman (far left). Credit: Shafir Regional Council.

Israeli 11th-grader wins International Bible Contest

Ruth Cohen, a 16-year-old student from the Barahan Ulpana school in Merkaz Shapira in southern Israel, won the 2020 International Bible Contest in Jerusalem on Wednesday, becoming the first female student in a decade...
Professor Verad Noam. Credit: Tel Aviv University.

Tel Aviv professor becomes first woman to receive Israel Prize in Talmudic studies

Professor Vered Noam, head of the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies and Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, has become the first woman to be awarded the annual Israel Prize for Talmudic studies, it was announced...
Tens of thousands of Jews converged on Hebron for Parshat Chayei Sarah, the weekly Torah portion describing the death of the Jewish matriarch, Sarah, and her husband Abraham's purchase of a burial plot for her in Hebron, Nov. 22, 2019. Source: IDF

‘Woodstock meets the Bible’ as tens of thousands flock to Hebron for Chayei Sarah...

Jews from around the world made a pilgrimage to the city of Hebron in Judea and Samaria over the weekend to pay homage to the Jewish biblical matriarch Sarah, whose death led to the...