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A sensitive Holocaust history for teens

A Light in the Darkness: Janusz Korczak, His Orphans, and the Holocaust by Albert Marrin, Alfred A. Knopf, 2019; ISBN 9781524-701215l; 334 pages plus 54 pages of notes, bibliography, and index; $19.99 Notwithstanding its title, this...

Book Review: ‘Inflitration’ by Joshua Kenaz

The death a few months ago of Israeli author, Joshua Kenaz, led to renewed interest in his work, and impelled me to read this book (published by Am Oved in 1986). For me, reading...
Partial cover of “All the Horrors of War: A Jewish Girl, British Doctor, and the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen” by Bernice Lerner.

Still learning of liberators, all these years later

Like many children of survivors, Bernice Lerner has spent most of her life ruminating on the Holocaust and writing about big questions. How was the Holocaust allowed to occur? What is the connection between...

“ISRESILIENCE: What Israelis Can Teach The World” Available October 15

“ISRESILIENCE: What Israelis can Teach The World,” a collection of riveting true stories about people who survived against all odds and the lessons for us all, will be available on October 15. Written by Michael...

Time-traveling through Jewish history

River by Shira Nayman; Guernica Editions, 2020; ISBN 9781771-834575; 255 pages; $25. “River,” in the context of this novel, is a metaphor for the continuity of life. As Emily, 14, would hear from a wise African man...
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A memoir of overcoming racism

The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl by Marra B. Gad;  2019, Bolden, An Agate Imprint; ISBN 9781572-842755; 233 pages; $17 At the age of three days, Marra B. Gad was adopted...

Time travel fiction dramatizes first Chanukah

Ah, the joys of time travel!  San Diego author Marcia Berneger, a retired teacher, uses this device to imaginatively retell the story of the first Chanukah in A Dreidel in Time, a chapter book for children between the...

Sherlock Holmes and an anti-Semitic forgery

The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols by Nicholas Meyer; Minotaur Books, 2019; ISBN 9781250-228956; 235 pages, $25.99. Star Trek script screenwriter Nicholas Meyer has appropriated the characters of Sherlock Holmes and sidekick Dr. John Watson from the...

Jewish cartoon book delights

Have I Got a Cartoon for You: The Moment Magazine Book of Jewish Cartoons, edited by Bob Mankoff, 2019: Moment Books,  86 pages,  $19.95. Thirty graphic artists are featured in this delightful 86-page book of...

‘A Trace of Smoke’ set in pre-war Berlin

I downloaded this ebook from Amazon’s Kindle Store in order to have something to read on the plane. I always like to have something to read in my phone-cum-Kindle, as that means I’m not...