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A memoir of overcoming racism

The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl by Marra B. Gad;  2019, Bolden, An Agate Imprint; ISBN 9781572-842755; 233 pages; $17 At the age of three days, Marra B. Gad was adopted...

Time travel fiction dramatizes first Chanukah

Ah, the joys of time travel!  San Diego author Marcia Berneger, a retired teacher, uses this device to imaginatively retell the story of the first Chanukah in A Dreidel in Time, a chapter book for children between the...

Jewish cartoon book delights

Have I Got a Cartoon for You: The Moment Magazine Book of Jewish Cartoons, edited by Bob Mankoff, 2019: Moment Books,  86 pages,  $19.95. Thirty graphic artists are featured in this delightful 86-page book of...

‘A Trace of Smoke’ set in pre-war Berlin

I downloaded this ebook from Amazon’s Kindle Store in order to have something to read on the plane. I always like to have something to read in my phone-cum-Kindle, as that means I’m not...

Linguist learns of her biological father’s secret past (Book Review)

What Language do I Dream in? by Elena Lappin; HarperCollins, 2017, ISBN 9781554-684632. As a bilingual speaker of Hebrew and English as well as having some knowledge of French and German, I was intrigued by...

A graphic novel of Jews hunting Nazis

his graphic novel is set shortly before the Six-Day War of 1967 with the action alternating between B’nei Barak, Israel, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.  A Haredi Jew in B’nei Barak has nightmares remembering how...

Rose and Max (z”l) Schindler relate their survivals

There is a romantic notion in popular Judaism that everyone has a bashert – a special person intended to become a lifelong spouse.  Sometimes, he or she may live just down the street; other times, you...