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The magic of Kadya Molodwsky’s children’s poetry – now in English

A new bilingual edition of Kadya Molodowsky’s enchanting Yiddish children’s poetry was recently published in Sweden. Edited and masterfully translated into English by Yaira Singer, “Through an Endless Stretch of Land” makes some of the most...
Credit: Pixabay.

Hanukkah lockdown? Grab a hold of good reads for all ages

As Jews are often referred to as people of the book, it’s no wonder readers top the Hanukkah gift list. Luckily, a whole host of new and recent books have been released from authors...
Israeli writer A.B. Yehoshua at a writer's talk in Jerusalem on Oct. 13, 2018. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90.

Two Israeli authors included in ‘New York Times’ list of ‘100 Notable Books of...

The New York Times has included works by two Israeli authors in its 100 Notable Books of 2020 list: Yishai Sarid, the son of the late Meretz lawmaker Yossi Sarid, for his book The Memory Monster,...
School library books. Credit: Pixabay.

Jewish preschools, day schools, win book grants from author James Patterson

Teachers at Jewish preschools and day schools across the country are among educators who have won grants from bestselling author James Patterson to build their classroom libraries through the Patterson Partnership with Scholastic Book...
Partial cover of “All the Horrors of War: A Jewish Girl, British Doctor, and the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen” by Bernice Lerner.

Still learning of liberators, all these years later

Like many children of survivors, Bernice Lerner has spent most of her life ruminating on the Holocaust and writing about big questions. How was the Holocaust allowed to occur? What is the connection between...

“Vu di velt hot nor an ek” (Through an Endless Stretch of Land), by...

"Vu di velt hot nor an ek" (Through an Endless Stretch of Land), by Kadya Molodowsky. Children's poems in Yiddish and English. Yaira Singer has collected, translated, and illustrated her favorite children's poems by legendary...
U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Credit: Google Maps.

Library of Congress honors Israeli literary program

The U.S. Library of Congress has announced that Keren Grinspoon Israel (KGI, the Grinspoon Israel Foundation) has been selected as a 2020 Library of Congress Literacy Awards Program Best Practice Honoree. It is the first in Israel to...
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz (holding Torah scroll). Credit: Courtesy of the Steinsaltz Center.

Netanyahu: ‘Rabbi Steinsaltz was an outstanding example of the persistent Jew’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was among the many public figures who eulogized internationally acclaimed talmudic scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, who died of on Friday in Jerusalem at the age of 83. “Rabbi Steinsaltz was an...
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. Credit: Courtesy of the Steinsaltz Center.

One of Judaism’s great commentators, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, dies at age 83

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, one of Judaism’s exceptional modern-day commentators, died in Jerusalem after suffering from acute pneumonia. He was 83 years old. Steinsaltz was born in Jerusalem on July 11, 1937. His scholarship was...
A joint project is underway in Italy to catalogue an estimated 35,000 volumes from 14 Jewish communities and 25 state institutions, June 2020. Credit: The National Library of Israel.

Joint effort begins to identify and catalogue every Hebrew book in Italy

A ground-breaking collaborative effort to create a unified listing of all Hebrew books in Italy has been announced by the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy (UCEI), the Rome National Central Library (BNCR) and...