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August 2, 1790: The first U.S. Census began

The first U.S. Census began on this date in 1790. The total population was pegged at 3,929,326 (both President Washington and Secretary of State Jefferson considered that an undercount), including 694,280 slaves. Historians estimate...

Verter fun der Vokh – Census

2020 census:  דער צע֜נזוס <די פֿאָ֜לקסצײלונג> פֿון 2020 civic engagement: די געזע֜לשאַפֿטלעכע בי֜נדונג community funding: די פֿינאַנצי֜רונג לטובֿת־הכּלל congressional representation: די קאָנגרע֜ס־רעפּרעזענטאַ֜ציע data: דאַטן date of birth: די געבוי֜רן־דאַ֜טע, ־ס enumerator/census-taker: דער צע֜נזוסניק, ־⁠עס; דער צע֜נזוס־⁠נע֜מער, ־⁠ס; דער צײ֜לער, ־⁠ס every ten years: יע֜דע <אַ֜לע> צען יאָר federal...

The Census Shouldn’t Count Gays — Or Jews, Or Blacks

Many LGBT Americans are outraged that the 2020 census won’t ask Americans if they’re gay. Of course, it never has – America’s decennial survey is silent on sexual orientation and gender identity. But census...