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Chilean presidential candidate Daniel Jadue. Source: Twitter/Daniel Jadue.

Chile: The peril of Daniel Jadue

The anti-Zionist activist Roger Waters, who also doubles up as the bassist of veteran rockers Pink Floyd, gave a ringing endorsement last week to one of the candidates in the Chilean presidential election, which...
Shai Agosin (left), president of the Jewish Community of Chile, with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

BDS movement in South America protests Jerusalem Symphony concerts

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, which has been touring South America with solo violinist Itamar Zorman, has been targeted by the BDS movement, which is calling on music lovers to stay away from the concerts...
Anti-Israel graffiti outside the Escuela Republica de Israel in Chile. Credit: Shai Agosin.

Jewish group decries ‘blood libel’ depiction in Chile

Amid an increasing concern over anti-Semitism in Chile, in addition to a warm visit by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, the South American country is under fire for not responding to a poster showing blood dripping...
A view of Santiago, Chile with the Andes mountains in the background. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Situation in Chile getting colder for its small Jewish community

Israel has received a significant boost from its allies in Latin America in recent months, with both Guatemala and Paraguay moving their embassies to Jerusalem and with Honduras rumored to follow suit as well....