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A bulla inscribed with the name of Natan-Melech, official in the court of King Josiah. Source: Israel Antiquities Authority.

Rare ancient seal of Jewish king’s officer discovered in City of David in Jerusalem

The Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University discovered a 2,600 year old ancient  bulla seal impression bearing the inscription “(belonging) to Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King”  in the City of David just outside...
A Beka weight with a Hebrew description from the First Temple era was found in Jerusalem. Credit: Eliyahu Yanai, City of David.

First Temple-era weight discovered, complete with Hebrew description

A weight with Hebrew description from the First Temple era, dated from the 10th-century BCE to 586 BCE when the temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, was found in Jerusalem. It was discovered in archaeological soil...
The ancient golden earring found in the City of David's archaeological dig in Jerusalem. Source: Clara Amit, Israel Antiquities Authority

2,200 year-old earring found in Jerusalem excavation sheds light on Hellenistic period in Judea

A 2,200 year-old golden earring was discovered at the City of David’s archaeological excavation just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, shedding light on life in the city after it was...

The top 5 archaeological finds proving Jerusalem is Jewish

In the face of UNESCO resolutions trying to erase the spiritual bond between the Jews and their holiest sites, a new video series produced by Christians is making a powerful statement showing the undeniable archaeological proof...