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An Israeli young woman receives a COVID-19 vaccine in Tel Aviv, June 22, 2021. Photo by Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90.

Pfizer vaccine doesn’t affect fertility, study shows

Widespread rumors that mRNA vaccines negatively impact fertility are unfounded, according to new research from the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center. The team studied 36 couples undergoing a second round...
The biblical-era pottery figurine found by an 11-year-old Israeli boy on a family trip to the Negev. Credit: Yevgeny Ostrovsky/Israel Antiquities Authority.

Israeli boy finds biblical-era figurine in the Negev

An 11-year-old Israeli boy has uncovered a rare, 2,500-year-old amulet during a family excursion in the northern Negev Desert, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Tuesday. Zvi Ben-David of Beersheva came across the pottery figurine...
Credit: Kiefer Wolfowitz via Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli study shows sperm counts decline under stress

An Israeli study conducted on Israeli men during and immediately after two wars between Israel and Gaza has proven that feelings of prolonged stress can reduce sperm quality in potential fathers. The study, conducted by...