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Egyptian journalist: ‘Scope of the Holocaust is just a rumor’

Egyptian journalist Dr. Hoda Zakariya, a lecturer on political sociology, said that while “there was some persecution of the Jews by Hitler,” the scope of the Holocaust is a “well-known historical rumor.” Speaking on the...

Outrage in Israel as Polish PM suggests Jews were perpetrators in Holocaust

In an ongoing dispute over the passage of a Polish law criminalizing any terms linking Poland to the heinous crimes of the Holocaust, Israeli officials expressed outrage Saturday night following remarks by Polish Prime...

Holocaust-denying white supremacist set to claim GOP nomination for US Congress

NEW YORK - An avowed white supremacist and Holocaust denier is poised to capture the Republican nomination of an Illinois congressional seat because he is running unopposed. “Well first of all, I’m running for Congress...

Notorious German Holocaust denier Ernst Zuendel dies

Convicted Holocaust denier Ernst Zuendel, who served jail time for inciting racial hatred, has died in Germany at the age of 78, local media reported on Monday. uendel, one of the leading figures in the...

Fired ‘Times’ columnist has a history of Holocaust denial

The Sunday Times, one of the largest-selling British newspapers, pulled an opinion column on Sunday and fired the writer after he was accused of antisemitism. Also, eight years ago the same columnist published a statement...

Horst Mahler, German neo-Nazi, arrested in Hungary

The arrest of an 81-year-old former left-wing terrorist who turned to neo-Nazism and received a 10-year prison sentence for Holocaust denial has rallied neo-Nazis as far as Luxembourg. German media reported that the neo-Nazi extremist...