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Our Growing Indifference To Other People

One topic that seems to come up lately in my conversations with friends is the growing inconsiderateness that people show one another in today’s world.  Drivers with road rage, gruff or indifferent salespeople, impatient...

How Climate Change Is Keeping Us Alive

Hurricane Ida is one of the worst hurricanes in Louisiana history. It has significantly damaged the electric grid. It has torn the roofs off of a lot of homes with its formidable category 4...

How Our Experience Of Time Changes As Modern Technology Changes

One notion that has been discussed lately by some in the news media with regard to the American withdrawal from Afghanistan has been how the Americans and the Taliban have such different conceptions of...

The Difficulty Of Maintaining Positive Relationships In A Vacuum World

Trust and love represent two positive emotional attributes of the human relationship to the external world.  Although they can be interconnected with one another, they are always distinct from one another.  Trust refers to...

The Need To Set Social Fires Through Fast Fashion

There was a time in human history, when most people had just one set of clothes. Unlike much of the clothing today, it was made to last a long time. Only when the factory...

Being a giving person does not always mean being generous

Among the traits that are most admired in people is generosity. The notion of giving of one’s efforts, possessions or financial support, particularly when it is not done for self-aggrandizement, is considered quite moral...

The Use of Covid To Kill Oneself

 One of the most perplexing manifestations of human behavior today is the refusal of some people in the United States and other countries, who have access to the Covid vaccine, to take it.  There...

Using Impatience To Bounce Off The World

If there is one human trait that is becoming extremely hard to find in modern society it’s patience.  Modern technology makes it so easy, so effortless to rush from point a to point b. ...

The Great Resignation And The Search To Come To Life

Many people in the United States have utilized the time off work they have had during the pandemic to reassess their lives and think about how they want to continue living them.  The result...

The Use Of Meditation In Modern Technological Society

The Corona virus has caused all of us to focus perhaps as never before on the concept of vaccination. The notion of vaccination has been used to convey a very important process that has...