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Taking The Sporting Life Out of Sports

It seems that no area of modern life can escape being technologized.  Take sports, for example.  A company called DribbleUp has already invented and marketed a smart basketball, and is in the process of...

Becoming A King Or Queen Of The Virtual Reality World

Imagine being able to play a game in virtual reality.   Only instead of making one’s movements in this alternate world with a controller in the external world of primary experience, one does it simply...

Living With A Virtual Ghost

Recently, on an interview for National Public Radio in the United States, a man was explaining how he had done his own extensive interviews with his father, before the latter passed away.  He then...

Getting Religion From A Robot

I’m not Protestant, but if I were, I think I would be concerned about the entry of the newest entity that has joined the clergy of the religion.  The entity under discussion is a...

No More Adventures On The High Seas

In a previous article, I discussed some of the ramifications of self-driving cars from the perspective of some of the ongoing themes I have introduced in this column.  I have been concerned about the...

The Problems Millennials Have In Confronting The World

In the June 16th Agenda Weekly for the World Economic Forum, there is an article by Keith Breene titled “Millennials are rapidly losing interest in democracy.”  It delves into this proposition from a number...

Beautiful Art That Is Made To Disappear

When we think of art in the Western world, we normally think of it in terms of its aesthetic appeal to people and not in terms of any healing properties it may have. Granted...

Sucking The Life Out Of Shopping

As many of you know from your own personal experience, more and more purchases of everything from clothing to electronics to books to food are being made from the comfort of one’s home.  There...

Learning the way that machines do

This article focuses on a series of areas in modern technology that are very complex, very sophisticated and very nuanced particularly for a non-technology person like myself.  It is in dealing with an area...

Better Functioning Of The Brain With Electricity

Up until recently, hacking was a term used for the invasion of the internal working space of a computer or some other modern device by certain humans for purposes of control and manipulation. It...