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Mother Nature Is Not So Maternal Anymore

Nature has played a very important role in the discussions presented in this column.  Nature is the foundational source of the organic stimuli for which human nervous systems were built. Most of the time,...

How Trump And The Republicans Influence Their Followers

Pollsters and pundits are beating their heads against the wall trying to figure out how they got it so wrong in their predictions for American elections.  Nobody thought that the presidential race was going...

Trying To Absorb That Which Keeps Us Human

One of the major points that has been brought up repeatedly in this column since its inception is that modern technological living environments create configurations of stimuli that are difficult for humans to absorb. ...

The New Normal Won’t Be Very Normal

The main question on everyone’s mind today is when will things return to the way that they were before the pandemic.  When will things return to “normal”?   Okay, not everybody is asking this question. ...

The Third Component Of Emotional Disturbance

Living environments have an enormous influence on the way that human beings live.  In more traditional living environments the influence has been even more acute.  International trade was not such a determining factor in...

The Importance Of Pain In Human Survival

I know I have spent a lot of time in my column talking about the importance of organic stimuli in our lives and how the gradual erosion of our natural and traditional living environments...

The Erasure Of Work From The Human Narrative

The other day I attended a zoom meeting of the Chicago Ethical Humanist Circle, where the guest speaker was a man who specialized in sustainable investments for a very large asset manager from the...

Gradually Losing One’s Connection To The Earth

Grounding is a term that appears quite frequently in this column.  By it, I am referring to the organic connection that holds people psychologically and physically to a particular living environment.  Usually, traditional people...

Being Self-righteous In Order To Avoid Feeling Numb

Self-righteousness is growing these days alongside the growth of online social media.  Social media like Facebook and Twitter provide the perfect platforms for the online equivalent of soapboxes.  In the old days, there used...

Taking Risks In Order To Feel Alive

The latest idea that my entrepreneurial group dealt with was an app for the phone that reinforced good driving habits among young drivers so that they get into less severe and less frequent accidents. ...