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The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum. Photo by Danya Belkin.

Ten of the most beautiful buildings in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is full of beautiful buildings—everywhere you walk, both old and new, religious and secular, ancient and modern. While everyone has favorites, ISRAEL21c chose these 10 to best represent a variety of unique structures from different eras. The...
A monument of Maimonides in Córdoba, Spain. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

New exhibit on Maimonides celebrates renowned Jewish scholar with internationally accrued collection

An exhibit showcasing original manuscripts and writings of one of Judaism’s most revered rabbis is opening at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Maimonides, otherwise known as the Rambam or Moshe Ben Maimon, is one of...

Israeli researchers discover hidden text 50 years later on biblical artifact

A team of Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University has discovered a previously invisible inscription on the back of an ancient pottery shard that’s been on display at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum for over 50...