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More than 30,000 boxes of matzah will be delivered by JDC volunteers to the Jewish elderly in the former Soviet Union during the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, March 2021. Credit: JDC.

JDC offers annual Passover food packages, educational activities via Zoom

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), is reaching widening global audiences this Passover with hundreds of online events, holiday content and its century-old tradition of delivering matzah to Jews in need. While in-person activities...
Passover Haggadah. Credit: Pixabay.

Pesach 2021: The holiday of our (impending) freedom

We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With coronavirus vaccinations ramping up throughout the country, this may be the last Jewish holiday we spend in our small bubbles, restricted from...
Passover matzha. Credit: Pixabay.

Jewish communities in Gulf offer Passover programs for residents, US troops

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities, the people-to-people network of Jewish communities from Gulf Cooperation Council countries that are developing Jewish life in the region, has planned multiple programs to support and enrich the...
The cover of the “Guide to Passover,” produced by the Orthodox Union. Credit: Courtesy.

Orthodox Union releases its ‘Guide to Passover’ 2021

The Orthodox Union has released its annual “Guide to Passover,” which provides comprehensive guidance about kosher-for-Passover products. This year’s edition, available in both PDF and online database formats, features nearly 30,000 kosher-for-Passover products and charts...
A view of a knife used for kosher slaughter by Rabbi Yitzchak Eliezer Yakav at his home in Jerusalem Jerusalem on June 12, 2011. Photo by Kobi Gideon/Flash90.

Netanyahu urges European leaders to block kosher slaughter ban

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has written to a number of European leaders, asking that they allow kosher slaughter to continue in their countries. The letter went out to the leaders of Poland, Finland, Portugal,...
American Airlines plane. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

American Airlines to launch new direct flights between New York and Israel

American Airlines is scheduled to begin a new direct flight this spring between New York and Israel, traveling to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport and Ben-Gurion International Airport. While the new direct route was announced in...
Champagne glasses. Credit: Pixabay.

Toasting to a new normal in 2021

After almost 10 months, who would have thought that we’d still be hunkering down and battling COVID-19 with another dark few months on the horizon? This New Year’s Eve, there will be no riotous...
Ritz-Carlton Manama in Bahrain. Credit: Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Manama.

OU works with Ritz-Carlton Manama to facilitate kosher food for residents, tourists

Beginning this month, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manama, Bahrain, will become the first hotel in the kingdom to offer kosher certified food through the help of Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher...
Rabbi Levi Duchman studies with a member of the UAE Jewish community at his synagogue. Credit: Chabad.org/News.

Chabad-Lubavitch announces emissary to United Arab Emirates

Each new day seems to bring with it historic good news from the Middle East. August’s surprise announcement of the United States-brokered Abraham Accords between the United Arab Emirates and Israel was followed a...
Sukkah in New Hampshire. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A safe Sukkot, at home and outside

Sukkot, the joyous Jewish Thanksgiving, was originally an agricultural holiday, a time of gathering a bountiful harvest. The sukkah itself—the primary symbol of the holiday—is a reminder of hastily built shelters the Jews endured in their...