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The Machane Yehuda outdoor market in Jerusalem was bustling as Israelis prepared for the upcoming Sukkot holiday on Sept. 20, 2021. Photo by Eliana Rudee.

Snapshots of Sukkot

Sukkot is a week-long holiday in Israel (as opposed to eight days in the Diaspora), with the first and last days as Yom Tov and national holidays in which businesses are closed. This year,...
The “etrog” (citron), one of the “Four Species” or “Four Kinds,” on sale at a market in the northern Israeli city of Tzfat, ahead of the holiday of Sukkot, Oct. 10, 2019. Photo by David Cohen/Flash90.

UAE aids delivery of citrons, myrtle to Iranian Jewish community ahead of Sukkot

The United Arab Emirates helped coordinate the delivery of around 500 citrons, known as etrogim in Hebrew, and packages of myrtle to Iran’s Jewish community to be used for Sukkot, reported The Jerusalem Post. Citrons and myrtle, called...
At-home booklet for use during Sukkot. Credit: Chabad.org/News.

Sukkot guide to help those at home celebrate holiday

Along with spending time in the sukkah and waving the “Four Species” or “Four Kinds” (etrog, lulav, arava and hadass) a central observance of the holiday of Sukkot is holding festive evening-time celebrations. Known as Simchat Beit Hashoeva, they harken back to the...
A view of a sukkah. Credit: jennylipets/Shutterstock.

‘If you build it, they will come’: The blessings of the holiday sukkah

Some people take the commandment to beautify a mitzvah very seriously indeed, especially when it comes to their sukkah. It’s been nearly three decades since Len Upin took brush in hand and, using acrylics, painted a...
Ivanka Trump is assisted waving the lulav and etrog at the White House during the eight-day holiday of Sukkot by Rabbi Levi Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad). Source: Twitter.

Ivanka Trump shakes lulav and etrog in the White House

Ivanka Trump. first daughter and advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, shook the lulav and etrog in the White House. She was assisted by Rabbi Levi Shemtov, executive vice president of American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad), who brought the special four...
An observant Jewish man examines a palm branch, known as a lulav, for imperfections in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sept. 21, 2010, a few days before the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Photo by Abir Sultan/Flash 90.

Banning some, giving others: Shaky presence of lulavs and etrogs at Israel’s airport

A special task force will begin operating at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel in the next few days, charged with preventing the import of three of the four species that comprise the lulav and etrog combination necessary for...