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Head of the Religious Zionist Party Bezalel Smotrich and activists celebrate at party headquarters in Modi’in on election night, March 23, 2021. Photo by Sraya Diamant/Flash90.

Religious Zionist Party celebrates Israeli exit polls

The Religious Zionist Party’s strong showing in the Israeli elections drew spontaneous celebrations and dancing at party headquarters in Modi’in, as soon as the exit polls came in on Tuesday night. The party is projected...
Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir flanked by his wife, Shulamit, and a hostess lighting Hanukkah candles on their return flight from Washington, on Feb. 12,1983. Credit: GPO.

Hannukah reminds Jewish people of their faith

Hanukkah reminds the Jewish people of their dedication to faith, and of their eternal right and connection to the land of Israel. During 25 years of battles, 2,200 years ago (166 BCE–139 BCE), a tiny...
Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics and Community Development volunteers organize the delivery of food packages in Modi'in, Israel, March 2020. Credit: Courtesy.

Rabbinical organization in Israel forms food-distribution system for elderly amid virus

An Israeli rabbinical organization has created what it claims is a unique volunteer system for the distribution of food and basic necessities to the elderly and other homebound Israelis amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. The...