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A marketplace in Morocco. Credit: Pixabay.

Israel National Security Council ends longtime travel advisory for Morocco

The Israeli National Security Council announced on Monday that it had canceled a travel alert that had been in effect for Morocco for more than a decade. The decision came following work conducted by security...
Participants at the Jewish Agency for Israel’s annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony, which also honored the sinking of the “Egoz” ship in 1961, as well as terror victims and those injured or killed in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide, April 13, 2021. Credit: The Jewish Agency for Israel.

Yom Hazikaron ceremony pays tribute to 60th year since sinking of ‘Egoz’

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s annual Yom Hazikaron ceremony—Israel’s Memorial Day—held on Wednesday honored a tragic event in Jewish history, as well as fallen soldiers, terror victims and those injured or killed in anti-Semitic...
Moroccan Jewish immigrants landing at the Haifa port in 1954. Photo by Fritz Cohen/GPO.

Moroccan Israelis petition government to recognize 1948 riots in Oujda, Jerada as terrorism

Descendants of families murdered in the 1948 riots in the northeastern Moroccan towns of Oujda and Jerada are set to ask the Israeli government to recognize those killed in the events as victims of...
The flags of Israel and Morocco. Source: Gabi Ashkenazi/Twitter.

Israel signs multimillion-dollar strategic accord with Morocco

Jerusalem and Rabat have signed a strategic accord worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Israel Hayom has learned. The heads of the Israel Manufacturers Association, the Israel Farmers Federation and the Israeli Federation of the Chambers of...
Jewish community members at synagogue in Agadir City, Morocco. Photo by Abir Sultan/Flash90.

Moroccan Jews reflect on their heritage and tradition post-normalization with Israel

Experts in global Jewish history believe that highlighting minority voices within the Jewish community has the power to honor its nuances and interconnectedness. JNS’s new series highlighting Jewish ethnic minorities aims to elevate their...
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Moroccan Mysticism: An Infusion of Judaism and Islam

Morocco is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world due to its extensive history; one major reason for its rich cultural heritage is due to the fact that numerous empires controlled...
City of Sefrou known as “Little Jerusalem” for its large Jewish population in the first part of the 20th century

Moroccan Jews’ Migration to Israel in the 20th Century

Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Morocco was home to some 250,000 Jewish inhabitants.  Moroccan Jews had arrived in the country by means of two major waves of immigration,...

Delving into Moroccan multiculturalism

There is no doubt that Morocco occupies a strategic position in its region. As a matter of fact, it sits on the crossroad of many cultures, religions and civilizations, and has through centuries become...
Moroccan Muslim and Jewish Officials during a Jewish Celebration

The Departure of Moroccan Jews to Israel Bitterly Regretted

A recent documentary entitled: "Tinighir-Jerusalem, echoes from the Mellah" created incredible controversy within the Moroccan society. Pan-Arabs called the filmmaker and historian Kamal Hachkar an agent of Zionism 'amil sahyouni, whereas the Islamists, kind...

Israel to Reveal Evidence of Discrimination Against Jewish-Moroccan Immigrants

Israel will reveal archived documents pertaining to the discrimination practised by Israeli state against Moroccan Jews who immigrated to Israel in the 1950s. The silent suffering of Moroccan Jewish immigrants in 1950s Israel will soon...