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claudia gabriela marques vieira, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

War And Pieces: The Shape of Teachers’ Anti-Israel Drive

So much for “the peaceful solution” and “this very peaceful way.” Amani Barakat must be joking when she twice touts the “peaceful” tactics of an anti-Israel drive among West Coast teachers’ unions. Simultaneously, Barakat continues...

Khamenei: Global balance of power tilting towards ‘Palestine’ and Muslims

Iran is once again trying to leverage the latest round of escalation in Jerusalem, and present itself as the main power fighting for the Palestinians, in particular, and the Muslim nation, in general. Events...
Phara Souffrant Forrest. Source: Facebook.

New York lawmaker draws fire over controversial tweet erasing Israel off map

Claiming that she was misunderstood, a New York state assemblywoman deleted a controversial tweet that replaced a map of Israel with Palestine and adorned with flowers. “I deleted a previous tweet that led to misunderstandings...
Hanay, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How Jews in Palestine were persecuted during the 1915 Armenian Genocide

April 24 marks the 106th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide by Ottoman Turkey. As Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities notes, “On April 24 of 1915, leaders and intellectuals within the Armenian community...
April Brady/Project on Middle East Democracy, via Wikimedia Commons

Arab Villages Not “Burning Down” As House Dems May Be Burning Bridges

Didn’t you know? “They can’t be burning down Palestinian villages.” Rep. Ro Khanna did not know it either, but he uttered those words anyway in an interview last Friday with MSNBC in noting that President...
A Dec. 23 graphic on Fox News showed “Palestine” as a country even though it is not an actual nation. Credit: Jackson Richman/JNS.

Fox News depicts ‘Palestine’ as independent state

A graphic on Fox News last week showed “Palestine” as a country, despite it not being an independent nation. The graphic appeared during the Dec. 23 broadcast of “America’s Newsroom” during a segment about U.S....
Hannah and Giora Senesh (Szenes), 1924. Credit: National Library of Israel's Hannah Senesh Archival Collection.

Archival collection of Hannah Senesh comes to National Library of Israel

In 1944, the Jewish, Hungarian-born paratrooper Hannah Senesh (Szenes) was parachuted into occupied Europe by the British in a desperate attempt to save Hungarian Jews from the Nazi death camps. Captured, tortured and executed...

After Zoom deplatforms Leila Khaled event, Facebook and YouTube follow suit

After being deplatformed by the video-conferencing platform Zoom, Facebook and YouTube appeared to follow suit and remove an event on Wednesday being promoted and livestreamed, respectively, on their platform. On Tuesday, Zoom canceled a conversation hosted by San Francisco...

The Middle Eastern wall crumbles

U.S. President Donald Trump’s policy successes in the Middle East consist primarily of opening artificial floodgates and allowing for the passage of political currents already moving. That is not a small thing—Norwegian parliamentarian Christian...

ICC moving ahead with investigation against Israel

The International Criminal Court has announced it will move ahead with its investigation against Israel even though Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas declared the annulment of all agreements with Israel and the United States. In...