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Progressive Democrats launch last-ditch effort to block arms sale to Israel

Several progressive Democratic lawmakers introduced a resolution on Wednesday in a last-ditch bid to halt the sale of $735 million in arms to Israel. Introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the resolution was co-sponsored by...

The bipartisan consensus on Israel broke, and the GOP can’t be blamed

For the past two decades, Jewish Democrats have lamented what they considered an assault on the bipartisan consensus on Israel. According to them, the people trying to destroy it were Republicans. They saw the...
The Plenary Hall during the swearing-in ceremony of the 24th Knesset, at the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, April 6, 2021. Photo by Alex Kolomoisky/POOL

Amid ongoing political deadlock, is it time for Israel to consider electoral reform?

Israel held its fourth legislative election in the past two years on March 23, voting 120 members of Knesset (Parliament) into power as representatives of the 24th Knesset since the establishment of the State. According...
Rush Limbaugh. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Spitfire, sure, but Rush Limbaugh also saw the need for Israel’s defense

In spitfire fashion, Rush Limbaugh engaged millions of people daily for hours on his talk-radio show, which at the end of his career was broadcasted on more than 650 radio stations. The controversial figure,...

February 11,1953: The USSR breaks off relations with Israel

The Soviet Union broke off diplomatic relations with Israel on this date in 1953, only one month after the “Doctors’ Plot” was announced in Moscow and only one month before Stalin died, probably from...

Verter fun der Vokh – Impeachment Yet Again

article of impeachment: דער אײַ֜נשולדיק־⁠פּאַראַגראַ֜ף, ־ן gavel: דאָס הע֜מערל, ־⁠עך impeach: אײַ֜נשו֜לדיקן; אימפּי֜טשן be impeachable: ווע֜רט זײַן אימפּי֜טשמענט impeachable offense: דער פֿאַרברע֜כן וואָס איז ווע֜רט אימפּי֜טשמענט impeachment: די אײַ֜נשולדיקונג; דער אימפּי֜טשמענט; דאָס אימפּי֜טשן incitement of insurrection: <דאָס אוי֜פֿהעצן צו אַ...
American businessman and investor Sheldon Adelson and his wife at the ceremony of a laying of a cornerstone for new Medicine Faculty buildings at the Ariel University in the West Bank, on June 28, 2017. Photo by Ben Dori/Flash90

Jewish, pro-Israel groups mourn loss of Sheldon Adelson

Jewish and pro-Israel groups expressed condolences over the loss of Jewish and pro-Israel donor Sheldon Adelson. Adelson, a Republican megadonor and business titan, died on Jan. 11 at the age of 87 from complications of...

בײַדענס אָפּקלײַב פֿאַר מלוכה־סעקרעטאַר איז דער אור־אייניקל פֿון אַ ייִדישן שרײַבער (מיט אוידיאָ)

מע קען זיך צוהערן צו אַנדערע אַרטיקלען פֿונעם פֿאָרווערטס פֿאָרגעלייענט דורך שׂרה־רחל שעכטער, ווי אויך אַנדערע פֿאָרווערטס־רעקאָרדירונגען, דורכן קוועטשן דאָ. ווי איר האָט שוין אפֿשר געלייענט, האָט דער פֿריש דערוויילטער פּרעזידענט דזשאָו בײַדען אויסגעקליבן דעם ייִדישן...

November 4, 1995: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is fatally shot after attending a peace rally held in Tel Aviv’s Kings Square in Israel. Rabin later died in surgery at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. The 73-year-old prime minister...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, incoming House Democrat representing Queens, N.Y. Credit: Ocasio-Cortez campaign.

When journalists become cheerleaders, it usually ends badly

According to The Times of Israel, I misrepresented Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s feelings about Israel. In a piece written by Simona Weinglas, the TOI claims that I was wrong to write that the New York congresswoman and media darling, who is best...