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Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019. Credit: Sasa Dzambic Photography/Shutterstock.

Israel faces Russia policy change, or perhaps political posturing, regarding Syria

Lebanese media outlets as well as Saudi Arabia’s London-based Asharq Al-Awsat have reported that Israel’s freedom of action against Iran in Syria is dwindling as Russia makes changes to its policy vis-à-vis its relationship with Israel....
Israeli high school students at the 62nd International Math Olympiad (IMO) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Source: Facebook.

Israeli high school students win six medals (three gold) at International Math Olympiad

Israeli high school students won six medals at the 62nd International Math Olympiad (IMO) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Israel’s national team finished in seventh place, its best ranking to date, among all countries involved in the two-day...
Court proceedings. Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

Israeli court sentences woman who entered Syria to eight months in prison

The Nazareth Magistrates Court sentenced a young woman who crossed into Syria illegally and was returned to Israel earlier this year to eight months in prison on Monday. In February, Syrian authorities took the 25-year-old...
Russia's Checkmate fighter jet on display at the MAKS international air exhibition. Source: Screenshot.

Russia’s new ‘Checkmate’ stealth jet expected to arrive in the Middle East

As soon as it can enter into operations, the new Russian single-engine stealth fighter jet will likely arrive in the Middle East through future arms sales to local countries, though this does not form...
Missiles of the armed forces of Iran, Sept. 9, 2019. Credit: Saeediex/Shutterstock.

Months after UN lifted arms embargo on Iran, ‘dam hasn’t burst’ yet

Nine months after the U.N. arms embargo on Iran has expired, there has not been a major new trend of sales of international arms to the Islamic Republic so far. Yet a potential danger remains...
A ceremony in the Tzora Forest near the city of Beit Shemesh marks 30 years since Israel established diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, July 7, 2021. Photo by Yosi Zelliger.

Israel, Russian Federation plant trees to celebrate 30 years of ‘blooming’ relations

Israel and the Russian Federation celebrated 30 years of diplomatic ties with a ceremonial planting of 30 trees in central Israel on Wednesday. The ceremony took place at the Tzora Forest, a large swath of...

A Summit of Consequence? Great Power Diplomacy and Inadvertent Nuclear War

“In a surrealist year…. some cool clown pressed an inedible mushroom button, and an inaudible Sunday bomb fell down, catching the president at his prayers on the 19th green.”-Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A Coney Island of the...
Ben-Gurion International Airport, April 18, 2021. Photo by Yossi Aloni/Flash90.

Israel issues severe COVID travel warning for Argentina, Russia, Seychelles

The Israeli Health Ministry on Sunday issued a severe travel warning for Argentina, Russia and the Seychelles, due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in those countries. The ministry warned that if morbidity figures...
Eli Cohen reportedly seen in Damascus in footage aired by Russian state media. Credit: Channel "RT"/Screenshot.

Russian state media airs footage of Israeli spy Eli Cohen in Damascus

Russia’s English-language state television channel RT has aired what it claims to be previously unseen footage of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen in Damascus. The broadcast came as Moscow was mediating efforts to return an Israeli woman who had...

February 10, 1918: Fanya Kaplan, a member of the Socialist Revolutionary party in Russia...

Fanya Kaplan, a member of the Socialist Revolutionary party in Russia who attempted to assassinate Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on August 30, 1918, was born in the Ukraine on this date in 1890. Kaplan spent...